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Precast concrete tactile flags on aggregate laying course, type 1 sub base, and optional geotextile and subgrade improvement layers


Generic flag unbound paving system comprising of precast concrete tactile flags, aggregate laying course, geotextile, type 1 sub base, geotextile membrane and subgrade improvement layer.

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Flag and slab unbound system comprising:

  • 65 mm Precast concrete tactile flags
  • 50 mm Aggregates for permeable laying courses
  • Geotextile Plastics sheets
  • 150 mm Type 1 Unbound Mixture
  • Geotextile Plastics sheets
  • 200 mm Type 1 Unbound Mixture

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PlatformCompatibleVersionCertified to
Revit 2015 1 1.3
IFC2X3 1 1.3
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