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Structural steel framing.


High gloss, two pack siloxane coating for protection of primed steel (including inorganic zinc silicate coatings), non ferrous metals or concrete.

  • For shop or site application.
  • Suitable for new construction, repair or maintenance.
  • Excellent adhesion, colour and gloss retention. Abrasion resistant, isocyanate free cosmetic finish.
  • Resistant to atmospheric exposure, including marine environments. Suitable for use in environments C1–C5 (to ISO 12944) with suitable primer.
  • Full colour range.
  • Superior colour and gloss retention compared with polyurethane finish coats. Offers optimum cosmetic performance.


  • ACQPA.
  • ISO 12944 (class C5M).
  • Norsok M – 501 system 1.


  • May be applied to many types of soundly adhered existing coating. Consult manufacturer.
  • Primed surface must be clean, dry, undamaged and free from all contaminants, including salt deposits. Round off rough welds and remove weld spatter.
  • Optional tie coat.
  • Product is supplied as two packs in correct proportions for use. Add cure to resin.
  • Application: Airless or conventional spray or roller.
  • One or two coats. Requirement may vary with method of application, characteristics of substrate and hiding power of selected colour.
  • Thickness to recommendation of PPG, dependant on context. Recommended maximum dry paint thickness: 250 µm.
  • Air temperature 0–50ºC. Surface temperature 0–65ºC. Temperature must exceed dew point by 3ºC.
  • Ensure double coating at welds, rough spots, sharp edges and corners, rivets and bolts.
  • Drying times vary with environmental conditions. Indicative: At 20ºC a coat can be touch dry in two hours, dry through in 4.5 hours.
  • Check coating thickness using non destructive dry film thickness metre, e.g. Mikrotest or Elcometer.


Recoatable in three hours

Site safety, warranties, limited liability:

Consult manufacturer's information.


Structural steel framing.

General information

Gloss finish


Full color range


Unique, high gloss, isocyanate free solution, Can be applied directly over inorganic zinc, Excellent color and gloss retention, Resists graffiti, High solids, VOC compliant, Applied by brush, roller or spray, without thinning, Good resistance to splash and spillage of chemicals, Can be applied as a single coat, direct-to-metal for moderately corrosive environments (ISO 12944 C1-C3)






4 Litres & 20 Litres

Uniclass 2015
Pr_35_31_22_79 Solvent-based finishing coatsPrimary
Specification data - Solvent-based finishing coats
Product Reference



Intermix group 1 - 4 colours

Number of coats

One, thickness 75–175 µm

Recommended range.


Insert thickness of each coat.


Thinner 21-06

Thinner 60-12

Volatile organic compounds

Theoretic figure calculated to EC directive 1999/13/EC: 132 g/kg (180 g/L). Practically determined figure calculated to UK directive PG6/23 (92) Appendix 3: 120 g/L

Volume solids

90% by volume

Standard product features


Full colour range.


  • High solids polysiloxane coating.
  • Two component.
  • Unique, high gloss, isocyanate free solution.
  • Can be applied directly over inorganic zinc.
  • Good colour and gloss retention.
  • Resists graffiti.
  • Can be applied as a single coat, direct-to-metal for moderately corrosive environments (ISO 12944 C1-C3).
  • Highways Approved Item No.185.




4 and 20 L.

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