Specifically designed for sump pump applications.


Pump battery backup which provides power to a system when the primary source of power is unavailable, such as during a blackout situation (saving irreparable damage). During power failure, it will automatically run the sump pump system, ensuring the structure is kept dry and the pumps running. Two-year warranty.

The Hi-PowerMaxx variant provides battery backup for larger pumps such as the V4, V6, Foul and Bespoke.

Features and benefits:

  • Can run both primary and secondary pumps.
  • Virtually inaudible and easy installation.
  • Easy to understand LCD screen.
  • Free standing and can be installed in any dry ventilated area.
  • Fitted in a series between the spur and the pump; no additional electrical spurs are required.
  • Can operate as a stand-alone unit or can be used in conjunction with AlertMaxx2.
  • Can be used as a direct replacement for previous versions.
  • Internal trickle charger keeps the unit fully charged so ready whenever there is power failure the Hi-PowerMaxx will automatically recharge when mains power returns.


Specifically designed for sump pump applications.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_70_55_76_62 Private packaged pumping stationsPrimary


R18/310 Private packaged pumping stations

Specification data - Private packaged pumping stations

Product Reference


475 x 425 x 300 mm, 2000 W P1 peak power handling, 13-day pump time, 50-day standby.


155 x 425 x 300 mm, 600 W P1 peak power handling, 4-day pump time, 10-day standby.

Standard product features

Weight (with batteries installed):

  • Hi-PowerMaxx: 19.6 kg.
  • PowerMaxx: 80.5 kg.

Technical characteristics:

  • Mains supply: 200– 250 V AC (50 Hz).
  • Internal batteries: 24 V - 5 x 22 Ah Total = 100 Ah.
  • Power (standby): <3 W.
  • Power (charging): 55 W.
  • Visual display: Red, blue, green LED.
  • Operating temperature: 5–35˚C.
  • Pump type: Hi-PowerMaxx: V4/V6/D10; PowerMaxx: V3.

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