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Intended for use on architectural aluminium and galvanized steel.


Special effect powder coating. Futura offers a broad spectrum of gloss levels, textures and metallic effects.

Features and benefits:

  • Enhanced super durable polyester.
  • Offers lower maintenance.
  • Extended guarantee.
  • Alternatives to core-ten, copper and patinated copper can be realised.


Intended for use on architectural aluminium and galvanized steel.

General information

Gloss Metallic

Matt Metallic

Sand blasted effect

Satin Metallic



Uniclass 2015
Powder coatings (Pr_35_31_68_66)Primary
Specification data - Powder coatings
Product Reference

Powder Coating - Interpon D2525 Collection Futura


Refer to Collection Futura 2018-2021 colour card for availability of colours and finishes and insert requirements.


To aluminium: BS EN 12206-1/Qualicoat

To galvanized steel: BS EN 13438

Powder formulation

Polyester TGIC free

Accelerated weathering

Gloss retention >50% (QUV B 313, 300 hours)

>90% (BS EN ISO 11341, 1000 hours)

Acetic acid salt spray resistance

<16 mm² corrosion/10 cm (1000 hours)


Gt0 (2 mm crosshatch)

Buchholz hardness


Chemical resistance

Generally good resistance to acid, alkalis and oil at normal temperatures

Colour stability at elevated temperatures


Constant humidity resistance

No blistering, creep <1 mm (1000 hours)


3-4 m²

Dry film thickness

60-80 micrometers

Erichsen cupping

Pass Qualicoat Class 2 requirements

Fire classification (EN 13501-1)



Pass Qualicoat Class 2 requirements

Florida exposure

Compliant with Qualicoat Class 2/GSB Master requirements after 3 years Florida

Compliant with AAMA 2604 requirements after 5 years Florida

Gloss level

5-90 gloss units

Impact resistance

Qualicoat Class 2 requirements

Mortar resistance

No effect after 24 hours

Particle size

Suitable for electrostatic spray

Permeability resistance

Pressure cooker - pass, 1 hour no defects

Specific gravity

1.2-1.9 g.cm³

Stoving schedule

15-35 minutes at 180°C, 12-25 minutes at 190°C, 10-20 minutes at 200°C, 8-16 minutes at 210°C

Sulphur dioxide resistance

30 cycles - no blistering, gloss loss or discoloration

Standard product features


Enhanced super durable polyester, has an extended guarantee, offers lower maintenance and alternatives to core-ten, copper and patinated copper can be realised.


Gloss, satin, matt and fine texture.



Warranty description:

Up to 40 years (UK application only).

Embodied carbon:

3.70 kg CO2-e.

Environmental information
Embodied carbon

3.70 kg CO2-e

Digital objects
PlatformCompatibleVersionCertified to
Revit 2015 5 1.3
IFC2X3 5 1.3
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Third party certifications
  • European Qualicoat: Certificate: Class 2
  • GSB: Certificate
  • AAMA: 2604
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