Posi-glaze Base-Drilled Balustrade

Posi-glaze Base-Drilled Balustrade

Pure Vista Ltd

Posi-Glaze is an advanced Aluminium Balustrade Channel System. The high specification glass-clamping mechanism locks glass panels into position with four immobilising fasteners per metre of channel.

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Innovative aluminium channel system which holds glass panels in place for use on balustrades and partitions. Posi Glaze is suitable for many applications, from residential to commercial settings using the same profiles.

Features and benefits:

  • Suitable for 12–21.5 mm glazing thicknesses.
  • Pre-drilled.
  • Fast to install.
  • Designed to be installed without the need of ensuring the fitting surface is totally level.
  • Fully adjustable using an adjustment system allowing horizontal alignment of each glass panel.
  • Light weight and extremely strong.
  • 1.5 kN BS tested with less than 25 mm deflection.
  • Tested to BS 6180-2011.

General information


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Uniclass 2015

Ss_25_60_05_05 Balustrade and guarding systemsPrimary


L30/55 Proprietary balustrades

L30/560 Proprietary balustrades

Specification data - Balustrade and guarding systems

Product Reference

Posi Glaze


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Channel fixing

PGC-010 - Base Fixed Channel

3 m length.

PGC-020 - Side Fixed Channel

3 m length.

Glazing clamp kit


For 12 mm thick glazing.


For 13.5 mm thick glazing.


For 15 mm thick glazing.


For 17.5 mm thick glazing.


For 19 mm thick glazing.


For 21.5 mm thick glazing.



PGA-001 - Gasket, Large - Replacement Gasket

For damaged pieces of 12–17.5 mm thicknesses.

PGA-002 - Gasket, Small - Replacement Gasket

For damaged pieces of 19–21.5 mm thicknesses.

PGA-010 - Side Cladding

For use with side drilled channel or as a cover for damaged base fixed profiles.

PGA-020 - Bottom Cladding

For use with side drilled channel.

PGA-030 - Top Seal Strip Cover

For all variants of channel.

PGA-060R - End Cap

For use with base drilled channel only without side cladding.

PGA-061 - End Cap

For use with side drilled channel with side cladding.

PGA-065 - End Cap

For use with side drilled channel with side and bottom cladding (handed).

PGA-070 - Channel Joining Dowels

PGA-090 - 90° Pre-cut Corner

For use with base drilled channel only.

PV08DB - Drain Block

Standard product features

Channel material:

Extruded aluminium, cut into sections.

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