Polyurea WPE combines the advantages of seamless coating with very long life cycles and high durability. It consists of the two components Fosroc Polyurea WPE Part A ISO and Fosroc Polyurea WPE Part B AMINE. The system offers excellent surface properties and overall physical properties.


Anti-corrosion, waterproof and protective coating for concrete and steel in a wide range of environmental conditions. Typical applications include:

  • Below ground waterproofing.
  • Pipe/ pipeline coating.
  • Tank coating.
  • Waste water tank lining.
  • Roof waterproofing.
  • Aquarium lining.
  • Stadia.
  • Landscape and water containment.


  • Environment friendly – zero VOC.
  • Excellent chemical resistance, thermal stability and UV resistance.
  • Fast turn-around time.
  • Excellent impact, abrasion and puncture resistance.
  • Seamless and monolithic, including field joints.
  • Significantly enhances the durability of reinforced concrete.
  • Low permeability values.
  • Colour stable when coated with Nitoproof UVR Topcoat.
  • Fire rated when coated with Nitoproof UVR Topcoat.
  • Designed for service temperatures from -30°C to +135°C.

Refer to chemical resistance/ colour sections, and Nitoproof UVR Topcoat data sheet.


Following correct preparation, the substrate must be primed, using Fosroc Primer 195. For surfaces other than steel or concrete consult Fosroc for advice.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_15_30_17_16 Concrete protective coating systemsPrimary


J30/10 Cold applied damp proofing

J30/110 Cold applied tanking . . . . . .

J30/130 Cold applied damp proofing . . . . . .

J31/110 Cold deck roof coating

J31/120 Warm deck roof coating

J31/5 Cold deck roof coating

Specification data - Concrete protective coating systems

Product Reference

Polyurea WPE


Concrete Repairs in Accordance with EN1504

Concrete Repairs in Accordance with EN1504

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