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Plastic Access Panel

Primarily used in domestic situations for access to rodding eyes and stop cocks the panels are very simple to fit. The narrow 17.5 mm profile produces a lightweight solution that can be used in all types of wall or ceiling construction. The panels are manufactured in the UK from UV stabilized ABS with a lightly textured surface that will not discolour and can be over painted.

Fitting using proprietary building adhesives or screws, the hinged removable door snaps into place and has a positive quality action. Can be opened with a screwdriver or coin in the visible slot opposite the hinge edge or use the key where the optional key lock has been specified.

As a repair panel to cover a hole in the back of a kitchen cupboard for access to a stop tap or as a visible designed detail to a rodding eye, the panel finishes the access point professionally and economically.

General information


110 x 160 mm

150 x 150 mm

200 x 200 mm

300 x 300 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_36_01 Access panelsPrimary


K10/115 Metal stud partition system

K10/125 Metal stud partition system

K10/15 Lining on timber

K10/215 Suspended ceiling system

K10/220 Proprietary suspended ceiling system

K10/245 Ceiling lining on timber

K10/25 Lining on timber framed ceilings

K10/30 Metal stud

K10/430 Access panels

K10/50 Suspended ceiling on metal framing

K40/10 Suspended ceilings

K40/105 Suspended ceiling system

K40/115 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling system

K40/135 Board-suspended ceiling system

K40/280 Access units

L20/630 Hatches

Specification data - Access panels

Product Reference

Plastic Access Panel


110 x 160 mm

150 x 150 mm

200 x 200 mm

300 x 300 mm

Standard product features


Moulded clip shut friction lock with integral pivot hinge locating into grooves in the frame.

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