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Plain colour, high pressure laminates, comprising layers of kraft paper as the base, a decorative layer and an overlay. Suitable for bonding onto a variety of substrates depending on the application. It is a competitive, durable and hardwearing solution which can be post-formed as required.

Available in horizontal grade standard (HGS) and horizontal grade post-forming (HGP) grades in many different collection and colour options.

General information
Specification data - Compact or solid grade high-pressure laminate (HPL) boards
Product Reference

Plain Colour Laminate



3050 x 1300 mm, a vast spectrum of plain colours, available in finish SEI as standard.

Colours and Textures

3050 x 1300 mm, a collection of colours taken from the plain colour range with textures applied.


3050 x 1300 mm, vibrant plain colours with an extra durable gloss finish suitable for horizontal surfaces.


2440 x 1220 mm, photo-luminescent (glow in the dark) laminate for use on vertical surfaces.


3050 x 1300 mm, magnetic laminate which may also be used as a blackboard or board for dry-erase marking pens.


3050 x 1300 mm, white or black full-coloured surfaces.


0.8 mm, HGP

For Colours only.

0.9 mm, HGP

For HR-Laq only.

0.9 mm, HGS

For Colours and Colours and Textures only.

1.0 mm, HGS

For Opache only.

1.2 mm, HGS

For Lumiphos only.

1.3 mm, HGS

For Magnetico only.


Insert requirement.


Insert requirement.

Product Options

Colour/ Finish:

Many colour options are available; consult manufacturer's literature for more information. Finish options are dependent on colour choice.

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