Photoluminescent Stair Nosing / Stair Edging for Internal and External Use

  • Schools.
  • Healthcare.
  • Transport.


A highly durable, photoluminescent, slip resistant and hardwearing tread option available across the Quantum Flooring Solutions range.

Free site surveys are available; contact the manufacturer for details.

Features and benefits:

  • Highly durable and extremely hardwearing: Ten year project warranty available.
  • In areas of reduced light, Ecoglo photoluminescent material illuminates the step edge.
  • Failsafe lighting solution, suitable for internal and external use - the strip will recharge with exposure to both natural and artificial light.
  • Incorporates a silicon carbide band to increase slip resistance.

Potential for slip (all treads):

Independently tested by Grip Potential Ltd. All tread options have a minimum PTV of 36+ in a wet test and 60+ in a dry test; this is considered ‘Low Slip Potential’.

All products are available in a variety of stock lengths and packing; see manufacturer's literature for details.

Related products (to be specified separately):

  • Stair Edging Side Trims.
  • Landing and Stairway Tactiles.


  • Schools.
  • Healthcare.
  • Transport.

General information


Tread: Carborundum

Channel: Aluminium


Ten-year warranty available (on project application)

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_31_74 Rigid stair nosingsPrimary


L30/30 Proprietary

L30/310 Proprietary

L30/590 Applied stair nosings

M50/75 Stair nosings and trims

M50/750 Stair nosings and trims

M51/550 Stair nosings and trims

Specification data - Rigid stair nosings

Product Reference

Photoluminescent Stair Nosing / Stair Edging for Internal and External Use

Stair nosing/ edging



Eglo-55 tread

Slip resistant, photoluminescent, width: 50 mm.


Mechanical (screw) and adhesive fix, secret fix, without pips

Q-Fix (adhesive only)

Ten-year project warranty available, consult manufacturer for details.

Standard product features


  • Tread: Carborundum.
  • Channel: Aluminium.

Warranty description:

Ten-year warranty available (on project application).

Third party certification:

  • ISO 9001.
  • ISO 14001.
  • Groundworks Green Business Certificate.



Environmental information



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