Perm-A-Barrier® Detail Membrane

Perm-A-Barrier® Detail Membrane is ideal for protecting and sealing critical areas of the building superstructure from damaging effects of the elements. By minimizing air and water vapour flow through the building exterior at transition areas, the membrane seals transition and detail areas to provide a continuous air barrier and prevents premature deterioration of the building envelope.

Surfaces should be primed with one coat of GCP’s solvent based primer - Bituthene Primer S2.

Features/ Benefits:

  • Fully bonded.
  • Waterproof and impermeable to moisture.
  • Cross laminated film.
  • Cold applied.
  • Flexible.
  • Controlled thickness.
  • Aggressive, conformable adhesive.
  • Wide application window.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_87_77 Self-adhesive bitumen tapesPrimary


H30/261 Air and vapour control membrane

H30/30 Air and vapour control membrane

H31/261 Air and vapour control membrane

H31/45 Air and vapour control membrane

H92/780 Air and vapour control layer

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Specification data - Self-adhesive bitumen tapes

Product Reference

Perm-A-Barrier® Detail Membrane


100 mm

150 mm

225 mm

300 mm

Standard product features


1.0 mm.

Technical properties:

  • Air permeance (to ASTM E2178): <0.001 L/s/m².
  • Elongation (to ASTM D412): >200%.
  • Lap peel adhesion at minimum application temperature (to ASTM D1876): 700 N/m.
  • Maximum permeance to water vapour transmission (to ASTM E96, method B): 2.9 ng/Pa.s.m².
  • Puncture resistance (to ASTM E154): >178 N.
  • Water absorption (to ASTM 570, 24 hours): 0.1%.

Product Options

Joint laps:

Minimum laps of 50 mm are recommended.

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