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Suitable for eliminating the risk of scalding in healthcare, public and educational buildings, commercial and domestic projects.


Offering full compliance with all regulations and best practice, the valves are WRAS-approved as suitable for sinks, wash basins, baths, bidets, single point showers, hair wash sprays and domestic hot water systems.


  • Working pressure (minimum-maximum): 0.1–5 bar.
  • Static pressure 10 bar (maximum).
  • Flow rate 5 L/ min (minimum).

Temperature (model-dependent):

  • Hot supply: 52–65°C.
  • Cold supply: 25°C (maximum).
  • Mixed water temperature: 46°C (maximum).

Water connections (15 and 22 mm):


  • Compression all ends.
  • Wafer strainers.
  • Single non-return valves on inlets.

PEG402UA and PEG402UAX:

  • Compression all ends.
  • 90º angle valves.
  • Single non-return valves.
  • Mesh strainer.
  • Test point plugs.
  • Isolating valves.
  • UAX includes additional ‘cold’ outlet.

Features and benefits:

  • BuildCert TMV3 and TMV2 scheme third party approvals in one model.
  • Compliant with NHS Model Engineering Specification DO8.
  • Choice of standard, easy-to-service union connections or 90° angle valve combination.
  • Factory pre-set but easy to adjust to suit site conditions.
  • Complete with internal strainers and non-return valves.
  • The laser-etched barcode on the body provides a unique record of product traceability.
  • Inlets and outlets protected by plastic caps to prevent contamination of the element and the valve lubricant.
  • Screw-fixed, tamper-proof cap to prevent unauthorized adjustment of the valve temperature setting
  • Chrome finish for easy cleaning.
  • Meets the requirements of Building Regulations Approved Document G, Section G3 (Amendment April 2010).

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DZR brass


Pr_65_54_95_88 Thermostatic mixing valvesPrimary


S90/680 Thermostatic mixing valves

Specification data - Thermostatic mixing valves

Product Reference

Pegler Anti-Scald Thermostatic Mixing Valves


PEG402, 5A1401.

Connection: 15 mm. Size: 94 x 127 mm.

PEG402, 5A1402.

Connection: 22 mm. Size: 96 x 145 mm.

PEG402UA, 5A1403.

Connection: 15 mm. Size: 94 x 210 mm.

PEG402UA, 5A1404.

Connection: 22 mm. Size: 96 x 247 mm.

PEG402UAX, 5A1405.

Connection: 15 mm. Size: 94 x 210 mm.

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