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Rising blockers which can be shallow or surface mounted.

Titan Deep Mount Blocker:

  • The Titan blocker offers the ultimate deterrent against vehicular attacks having been tested in both the UK (PAS68) and USA (US DoD test).
  • It was fully tested at the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) with the N2 7.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 50 mph (80 kph) and in Texas (USA).
  • Raise height of 800 mm.
  • Works after impact.
  • V7500(N2)80/90:0 and US DoD certified K12 L2.

Titan SH Titan SU Blockers:

  • Tested in the UK to PAS-68 standard with a 3 m blocker.
  • Manufactured from heavy-duty steel sections fully welded.
  • Impact tested as a single unit (7.5 tonne 50 mph/ 80 kph) in the UK and USA.
  • Tread plates 10 mm thick (over plain) durbar.
  • Spragged on three faces with 400 mm long heavy duty reaction buttresses on the rear face at 560 mm centres.
  • Surface mounting substantially reduces installation time and cost.
  • Requires just 200 mm concrete for surface mounting.
  • The Shallow Mounted Road Blocker has been designed for axle weights in excess of 12 tonne.
  • Raise height of 900 mm.
  • Normal operating time of 6–8 seconds.
  • Reliable and durable. Works after impact once the skirt is removed.
  • Safety skirt provided as standard.
  • V7500(N3) 80/90:7 (tested as a true surface mount).

Features and benefits:

  • Rising blockers can be used as a manual system via drill or hand-pump. Manual systems are easily upgraded to automatic systems in future years.
  • The automatic system uses three-phase power at 10 A.
  • 100% duty cycle.
  • Excellent reliability.
  • Full range of high-security cabinets available on request.
  • Complies with all safety standards.
  • Supplied with a high-performance control board.
  • Works standalone, in unison with other products or as a tiger trap.
  • Raises and lowers in 3-5 seconds with 1.5 seconds emergency operate (option).


Designed to ensure that arm and leg injury by moving parts is not possible. Hand pump supplied for manual raising and manual release for lowering. Accumulators can be added to provide emergency operation.

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Pr_25_30_86_12 Carbon steel vehicle stopsPrimary


Q41/135 Proprietary protective barriers

Q41/190 Vehicle access point barriers

Q50/194 Retracting bollards

Specification data - Carbon steel vehicle stops

Product Reference

PAS68 Rising Blockers, Titan deep mount blocker - automatic

PAS68 Rising Blockers, Titan deep mount blocker - manual

PAS68 Rising Blockers, Titan SH shallow blocker

PAS68 Rising Blockers, Titan SU surface blocker




Guidance for specification option:

For emergency operation.


PAS68 Rising Blockers

PAS68 Rising Blockers