Parlumiere Clair

Parlumiere Clair

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Hydraulic lime restoration render base coat, repointing and bedding mortar.

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Hydraulic, lime-based, lightweight, natural white mortar, designed for re-pointing joints in stonework, bricks and facing stones, for use as a building mortar for constructing masonry and as a base coat or key coat render but not as a weatherproofing coat.

Suitable for:

  • Clinker, brickwork, stone etc.
  • Old masonry erected with weak mortar.
  • Masonry with plaster or lime mortar pre-treated with Parex Gobetis Special A.
  • One-coat weather resistant mortar and Parex weather resistant base coats; Parmurex, Tradirex, Monogris E.
  • Masonry coated with traditional mortar to BS EN 459-1 or BS EN 13914-1.
  • New masonry construction.

Unsuitable for:

  • Pure hydrated lime or plaster coatings/paint/thick acrylic coatings unless coated with Parex Parinter Renovation mortar.
  • Lightweight hydraulic coats with lower mechanical strength than Parlumiere Clair.
  • Exposed horizontal substrates with a vertical incline above 10°. A backward incline may affect water run-off and may have a tendency to hold moisture.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_64_48 Lime rendersPrimary


M20/310 Lime:sand

M20/330 Proprietary lime:sand

Specification data - Lime renders

Product Reference

Parlumiere Clair

Standard product features


  • Compressive strength: CS I.
  • Flexural strength: 1 MPa.
  • Tensile strength: 1.2 Mpa.
  • Modulus of elasticity: 3600 MPa.
  • Water absorption: W0.


White. The white powder can be coloured on site during mixing with mineral oxides or natural colouring soils.


  • Hydraulic lime (HL 3.5) conforming to standard BS EN 459-1 for construction limes.
  • Calcareous and siliceous sand. Maximum particle size 2.5 mm.
  • Mineral and organic additives.
  • Mineral pigments.

Product preparation:

Water ratio: 5.5–6.7 L per 30 kg bag.

Third party certifications
  • 06/4400
  • CE Mark: EN 998-1
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