Park Bearers System

Softwood battens, with a 9 mm resilient foam strip adhered to the underside. They provide an effective method of reducing impact and airborne sound transmission through concrete party floors as part of a dry floating floor construction.

System components:

Park bearers, flanking strips and acoustic quilt.

General information


47 mm nominal wide x 1800 mm long

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_85_47_04 Acoustic batten cradlesPrimary
Specification data - Acoustic batten cradles

Product Reference

Park Bearers System

Overall height

31 mm

45 mm

49 mm

54 mm

61 mm

70 mm

Flanking strip

Not required

Required, height ___ mm

Standard product features


47 mm nominal wide x 1800 mm long.

Product Options

Flanking Strip:

  • 5 mm thick acoustic foam supplied in rolls 75 m long.
  • Designed for placing around the floor perimeter to prevent airborne sound leakage.
  • Standard height is 100 mm, but increases for high floor elevations.

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