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Panic Hardware Series PHA 2500


The system is suitable for timber or narrow stile doors in emergency exits in which safety, security, reliability and aesthetic elegance are a must.


Panic exit device on the basis of an integrated emergency escape lock.

Features and benefits:

  • Door width ≤ 1300 mm or door height ≤ 2500 mm for single-leaf doors.
  • Maximum door leaf weight 200 kg.
  • Handed design.
  • Dogging devices available but not for fire or smoke doors.
  • Can be used for fire and smoke check single leaf doors.
  • Locking rod with spring lock – not applicable to one-point locking fittings.
  • Monitoring switch.
  • External fittings PHT 3900 for standard and fire/ smoke check doors for door leaf thickness up to 60 mm. External fitting include OGRO design lever handle.
  • Extended handle spindle and bolts for door leaf thickness 60–105 mm.
  • Invisible fixings on all devices.
  • Projection from face ≤ 100 mm
  • Designed for use on narrow stiles doors but can be used on timber doors.
  • Electrical operation and monitoring available – consult Dorma for details and wiring diagrams.
  • Available in stainless steel or silver powder-coated finishes – consult manufacturer for available colours and samples.
  • On narrow doors where the arch of the panic device clashed with the frame panic devices will not operate – consult manufacturer for alternative options.
  • Specify door specific details in ironmongery schedules or detail drawings.
  • Consult manufacturer for details of components, functions/ monitoring, availability and finishes, including samples for colours.

General information




Stainless steel



Suits door width ≤ 1300 mm or door height ≤ 2500 mm (for single-leaf doors).



Pr_30_36_08_63 Panic exit devicesPrimary


P21/32 Panic exit devices

P21/577 Panic exit devices

Product range

Door Controls / Panic Hardware

Specification data - Panic exit devices Enhanced data


To EN 1125.

Tested and certified.

Material and finish

Stainless steel.

Silver powder-coated.

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