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Oscar Iso-Mount - Isolating hanger for soundproof ceilings

Oscar Iso-Mount - Isolating hanger for soundproof ceilings

Oscar Acoustics

Isolating hanger for the construction of soundproof ceilings (reduces airbourne and impact noise) with as little as 6 mm of ceiling height loss.

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An Isolating ceiling mount which significantly reduces transmission of noise from the floor above, but only loses 6 mm of ceiling height; all work is done from the room below.

The Oscar Iso-Mount is a three-component assembly: the metal 'L' bracket screws to the sides of the joists, a rubber block sits in position on the 'L' bracket and breaks the path of vibration to the third component, a metal saddle that is held in position on the rubber block.

For new builds or retrofits, Oscar Iso-Mounts are screw fixed to the sides of joists which allows for vertical adjustment and the minimum of ceiling height loss, typically 5–6 mm: just enough for the ceiling boards to not directly touch the joists. The ceiling is finished with two layers of 12.5 mm thick plasterboard, which are screw fixed to metal channels or timber batts fixed to the mounts.

Independent acoustic site testing demonstrates comfortable compliance with Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document E requirements for airborne and impact sound. Copies of tests are available from Oscar Acoustics.

Typical applications:

House conversion to flats, new builds and renovations of houses and flats. Shops, restaurants and other commercial sound-proofing applications.

Features/ Benefits:

  • Adjustable side of joist fixing.
  • All work carried out from room below.
  • Fast and simple clip together installation.
  • Appears as standard plastered ceiling.
  • Installation tests exceed Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document E requirements.

Can be used in conjunction with:

  • Celbar Loosefill: Machine blown by Oscar Acoustics for larger areas or supplied compressed in bags for hand filling by the builder.
  • Oscar Seal: Acoustic intumescent acrylic sealant tested to BS EN ISO 140-3.
  • Oscar Foam: Compressible self-adhesive Class O foam used to isolate ceiling boards from walls.

General information

56 x 48 x 97 mm

Uniclass 2015
Pr_20_85_32_14 Carbon steel dry lining framesPrimary
Specification data - Carbon steel dry lining frames
Product Reference

Oscar Iso-Mount Type 1

For use with 48 mm metal 'C' studs: BG Gypliner type G1 lining channel and G3 connectors or equivalent.

Oscar Iso-Mount Type 2

For use with timber batts.



Standard product features


1x Iso-Mount assembly consists of 3x components:

  • Iso-Support: L-shaped bracket that screws to the timber joist – supplied loose.
  • Iso-Saddle: Steel pressing – supplied loose.
  • Iso-Rubber: Isolating block – supplied loose.

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