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Optima 70 mm Residential Door

Optima 70 mm Residential Door

Third party certifications:
  • BBA Agrément Certificate

    BBA Agrément Certificate

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  • BSI Kitemark

    BSI Kitemark

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Profile 22 Systems

A range of Optima PVC-U, 70 mm deep frame, residential doors.

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Residential doors with an outer frame depth of 70 mm may be produced in a variety of styles and are available as single or double units. Frame variants include, fully chamfered and fully sculptured. Doors are offered as internally glazed either open-in or open-out, with the option of standard frame sill or medium/ low threshold, suitable for wheeled traffic.

Composite PVC-U smooth skin or feature infill panels can be supplied in white or woodgrain, with either standard or steel reinforced treated core. Welded or mechanically jointed midrails may be fitted if required. The option of curved or angled head and top rails, to suit design requirements is an additional feature.


Residential door and sidescreen units may be produced in a variety of styles, with a range of panel options to suit requirements. Open-out or open-in windows can be incorporated into the screens. Units can be supplied in white or woodgrain.

Typical Style Options:

  • Fanlights over etc.
  • Flag screens.
  • Full length glass screens.
  • Single or double midrails.
  • Glass over glass.
  • Glass over infill panel.

Emergency exit doors:

Special doors can be supplied fitted with Panic Bars for emergency or fire exits etc. Single doors use either multi-roller or head and threshold shootbolts: double doors use shootbolt mechanisms. All doors are fitted with midrails and are bar operated. Standard or low thresholds may be supplied to suit requirements. In addition to single or double doors, combination units are offered comprising single residential door for normal access, with single panic bar door adjacent for emergency.

All doors confirm to our residential door specification and panic bar mechanisms meet the requirements of BS EN 1125 as specified and approved by fire officers and local authorities.

General information
Uniclass 2015
Pr_30_59_24_92 Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) doorsetsPrimary

L20/480 Doorsets

L20/55 Doorsets

Specification data - Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) doorsets
Product Reference

Optima 70 mm Residential Door







Colour/ Finish -

See 'Options' below and insert requirements.


See 'Options' below and insert requirements.

Glazing -

24 mm insulating unit, glazed internally

26 mm insulating unit, glazed internally

28 mm insulating unit, glazed internally

40 mm insulating unit, glazed internally

44 mm insulating unit, glazed internally


Not required

Georgian bars

Leaded glass

Patterned glass



Four roller.



Centre hook thrown

Fully adjustable hinges

Gold letter box

Hold open arms

Lever/ Lever handles

Lever/ Pad handles

One piece centre keep

Safeware 7 master lock


Not required

Angled head profile

Bubblex PCE low-line gasket system

Factory fitted.

Curved head profile

Medium-low threshold

Security devices

Side screens

Steel reinforced infill panels

Standard product features


Acrylic modified high quality impact resistant white PVC-U extrusion, producing a rigid multi-chambered profile, conforming to the requirements of BS EN 12608, manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001.


Leaf styles and top and bottom rails, together with outer frame jambs, are reinforced for strength and security with galvanized carbon steel to BS 7412, Reinforcement is sealed within the profile central cavity.


  • Double/ triple glazing to BS 6262 can be supplied, using 24, 28, 36 ,40 and 44 mm insulated sealed units, depending on thermal and acoustic requirements - glazing units to BS EN 1279.
  • Glazing options include patterned glass; Georgian bars and leading.
  • All internal glazing is secured with post co-extruded beads.


  • Safeware hardware backed by Secured by Design, the official Police Security Initiative.
  • Handle furniture is available in a variety of finishes, as lever/ lever or lever/ pad, depending on application.
  • Butt hinges with security pin, or the option of fully adjustable hinges, are supplied.
  • Letter plates are fitted in midrails where required.
  • Additional hardware, e.g. security devices, hold open arms etc., are offered as optional extras.
  • All hardware meets the requirements of BS 7412.
  • It is recommended that on doors with PVC-U frame thresholds, the threshold trim is fitted as standard.


  • The doors are fitted with secure multi-point hook bolt locks that have undergone type approval testing to PAS24.
  • In double doors, the slave leaf can be secured by means of flush bolts, finger bolts or shoot bolts activated by lever handles to provide a locking frame for the master leaf.


  • Double weather seals ensure the performance meets the requirements of BS 6375-1.
  • Weather bars are fitted on all open-in doors.

Product Options

Colour foils:

Consult manufacturer for further details and lead times. Note that the RAL colours listed are not exact matches; the manufacturer recommends that the colour match is checked prior to use to ensure suitability. Colour swatch booklets are available upon request.

  • Agate grey RAL 7038.
  • Anteak.
  • Anthracite grey (smooth) RAL 7016.
  • Anthracite grey RAL 7016.
  • Basalt grey RAL 7012.
  • Black brown RAL 8022.
  • Brilliant blue RAL 5007.
  • Chartwell green BS14C35.
  • Cream RAL 9001.
  • Dark green RAL 6009.
  • Dark oak FL-F1.
  • Dark red RAL 3011.
  • English oak.
  • Hazy grey RAL 7001.
  • Irish oak.
  • Light oak RAL 8001.
  • Mahogany RAL 8017.
  • Natural oak FL-G.
  • Rosewood RAL 8017.
  • Rustic oak 1.
  • Siena PR.
  • Signal grey (smooth) RAL 7004.
  • Slate grey (Finesse) RAL 7015.
  • Slate grey RAL 7015.
  • Steel blue RAL 5011.
  • Swamp oak ST-F.
  • Walnut V.
  • White RAL 9010.
  • White PVC-U RAL 9003.


Minimum and maximum window sizes vary across the range of window styles, please consult the manufacturer for further details.


  • Georgian bars.
  • Leaded glass.
  • Patterned glass.
  • Angled head profile.
  • Curved head profile.
  • Fully adjustable hinges.
  • Hold open arms.
  • Lever/ Lever handles.
  • Lever/ Pad handles.
  • Medium-low threshold.
  • Security devices.
  • Side screens.
  • Steel reinforced infill panels.

Third party certifications
  • Full system certification
  • Kitemark - KM12895 - BS EN 12608 Profile
  • Kitemark - KM56791 - PAS24-1/ BS EN 12608 Enhanced Security Doors
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