NGT Thermostat/ Timer

Heat Mat’s range of electric underfloor heating thermostats includes a colour touchscreen thermostat, a wireless touchscreen thermostat and a simple digital thermostat. These thermostats can be used to control any of Heat Mat's underfloor heating systems or alternative electric underfloor heating brands. Once installed a Heat Mat thermostat will automatically control room and floor temperature and learns the heat characteristics of a room.

Features/ Benefits:

  • Simple and intuitive animated menu systems.
  • Colour touchscreen thermostat available.
  • Wireless touchscreen thermostat available – control via a smartphone app.
  • Monitor electricity consumption and display usage in pounds and pence.
  • Lifestyle modes including holiday, comfort, frost protection and eco mode.
  • Choose from four or six independent programmable events each day.
  • A variety of colour options and finishes available including brass, chrome, glass and plywood.
  • Can be used as a manual on/ off thermostat if desired.
  • Controls up to 16 A/ 3600 W of underfloor heating directly without the need for a contactor.

General information

Uniclass 2015

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T90/485 Thermostats

T90/65 Thermostats

Specification data - Air temperature sensors

Product Reference

NGT Thermostat/ Timer

NGT Wi-Fi Thermostat


See 'Options' below and insert requirements.

Standard product features

Size (h x w x d):

  • 81 x 81 x 40 mm (20 mm external depth).
  • NGT-2.0-STND/ SILV/ BLCK: 82 x 82 x 40 mm (23 mm external depth).

Technical details:

  • Supply voltage: 230 V (+/- 10%), 50/ 60 Hz.
  • IP rating: IP21.
  • Output relay: SPST 16 A, resistive load or 1 A inductive load.
  • Interrupter: 2-pole, 16 A.
  • Temperature range: 5–40°C.
  • Floor limit range: 5–40°C.
  • Clock function: 4 or 6 event program (NEO-16A-WHIT/ BLCK/ SILV: 5/2 event programming).
  • Battery backup: 5 years.
  • Ambient temperature: 0 to +40°C during operation.
  • On/Off differential: 0.4°C.
  • Regulation principle: PWM/PL.
  • External sensor type: NTC (12 KΩ) 3 m.

Product Options


  • NGT-2.0-BLCK - Colour touchscreen thermostat, black.
  • NGT-2.0-SILV - Colour touchscreen thermostat, silver.
  • NGT-2.0-STND - Colour touchscreen thermostat, polar white.
  • NGT-2.0-Wi-Fi – Colour touchscreen Wi-Fi thermostat, white
  • NGT-567-0010 - Standard model programmable thermostat, gloss ivory.
  • NGT-BLK-0010 - Standard model, gloss black.
  • NGT-BLK-ALUM – Programmable thermostat, brushed aluminium frame.
  • NGT-BLK-BLCK – Programmable thermostat, black glass frame.
  • NGT-IVR-WHTE - Programmable thermostat, white glass frame.
  • NGT-SIL-CHRM - Programmable thermostat, polished chrome frame.
  • TOU-BLK-BLAU Colour touchscreen thermostat, Black / Black Aluminium frame
  • TOU-BLK-BLCK Colour touchscreen thermostat, Black / Black Glass NGTouch frame
  • TOU-BLK-BRSS Colour touchscreen thermostat, Black / Brass NGTouch frame
  • TOU-BLK-GDAU Colour touchscreen thermostat, Black / Gold Aluminium frame
  • TOU-SIL-ALUM Colour touchscreen thermostat, Silver/ Aluminium frame
  • TOU-SIL-CHRM Colour touchscreen thermostat, Silver /Chrome NGTouch frame
  • TOU-SIL-SSTL Colour touchscreen thermostat, Silver / Stainless Steel frame
  • TOU-WHT-GDAU Colour touchscreen thermostat, White / Gold Aluminium frame
  • TOU-WHT-SSTL Colour touchscreen thermostat, White / Stainless Steel frame
  • TOU-WHT-WHTE Colour touchscreen thermostat, White / White Glass NGTouch frame
  • WIF-BLK-BLCK - Wi-Fi Colour Touchscreen Black Gloss/Black Glass frame
  • WIF-BLK-BRSS - Wi-Fi Colour Touchscreen Black Gloss/Brass frame
  • WIF-BLK-CHRM - Wi-Fi Colour Touchscreen Black Gloss/Chrome frame
  • WIF-SIL-ALUM - Wi-Fi Colour Touchscreen Silver/Brushed Aluminium frame
  • WIF-SIL-CHRM - Wi-Fi Colour Touchscreen Silver/Chrome frame
  • WIF-SIL-SSTL - Wi-Fi Colour Touchscreen Silver/Stainless Steel frame
  • WIF-WHT-WHTE - Wi-Fi Colour Touchscreen White/White Glass frame
  • Special order - consult manufacturer, a large number of options available.

Third party certifications
  • Intertek: BEAB Approved