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Newton NP400 LLPS


Suitable for use within a clean water pumping system and with a 50 mm flexible suction hose.


A pumping system wherein a low-level switching module is added to the NP400 PP Puddle Pump to provide accurate and safe switching of water levels of just 10 mm.

Features and benefits:

  • Will pump down to just 1 mm of water depth.
  • Integral one-way check valve and is suitable for use with 50 mm flexible suction hose.

General information


196 x 196 x 316 mm. 50 mm flexible suction hose


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R12/135 Private packaged pumping stations and pressure pipeline system

R18/310 Package pumping stations

Product range

Pumps, Pumping Stations and Ancillaries / Pumps

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Product Reference

Newton NP400 LLPS (SP1)


Newton High Water Level Alarm (PA50).

Newton Dialer (PA5).

Can send either text or voice messages to up to five designated phones should an alarm condition occur.

Newton Victron Converter and Battery Backup Systems.


50 mm flexible suction hose.

Battery back-up

MultiPlus 12/1200/50 (BB2).

Battery backup facility for pumps of 400 W.

Standby batteries

101 Ah High Efficiency battery (BB21).

201 Ah High Efficiency battery (BB22).

Discharge bore

50 mm.

Pumping head (maximum)

11 m.

Flow rate (maximum)

170 L/min.

Flow rate at 4 m head

140 L/min.

Soft solid passage

6 mm.

Fluid suitability

Rainwater, ground water.

Fluid temperature range


Motor output

400 W.

Vortex impellor speed

3000 rpm.


Pressed seal, rubber base plate.

Shaft seals

Double silicon carbide.

Float switch

Probe with control via panel.

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