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The Newton NP400 LLPS is a pumping system based around the Newton NP400 PP Puddle Pump. Switching of puddle pumps is problematic, because by their nature they are dealing with low heights of water. This makes conventional switching difficult.

Features and benefits:

  • The NP400 LLPS has a small control panel and low level switching module added to the NP400 PP Puddle Pump that will give accurate and safe switching of water levels of just 10 mm.
  • The NP400 LLPS will pump down to just 1 mm of water depth.
  • The NP400 LLPS has an integral one-way check valve and is suitable for use with 50 mm flexible suction hose.

General information
Specification data - Submersible pumps
Product Reference

Newton NP400 LLPS (SP1)


50 mm flexible suction hose

Battery back-up

Not required

MultiPlus 12/1200/50 (BB2)

Battery back-up facility for pumps of 400 W.

Standby batteries

Northstar NSB 100FT (BB21)

Northstar NSB 190FT (BB22)

High water level alarm

9 V battery (PA50)

Switch not suitable for regular contact with sewage.

Text and speech dialler

Not required

Newton Dialer (PA5)

Can send either text or voice messages to up to five designated phones should an alarm condition occur.

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