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Newton CP Clean Water Pumps


Primarily designed to be used with Newton sump systems for the removal of ground water collected by Newton System 500 basement waterproofing system, Newton CP pumps can also be used for the removal of water from:

  • Flooded basements and cellars;
  • Light-wells;
  • Surface drainage collection vessels;
  • Reservoirs and water holding vessels.

Please note that this product is for pumping clean water only.


A range of high-quality clean water pumps, suitable for the removal of ground water from basements and cellars.

The unique vertical operation float switch ensures that the pumps operate within their footprint, removing the possibility of the float snagging during operation and allowing the pumps to be used within smaller sumps. The vertical float switch is also very flexible, allowing the pump switching height to be adjusted both in terms of the height between the ‘on’ and ‘off’ positions, as well as the height relative to the pump.

The pumps are suitable for use with Newton power converters of 1200W (CP250 and CP400) or 3000W (CP750) to give continual pumping even when the power is out.

Supplied in both manual and automatic versions and can be purchased as pumps only, or as a key component in Newton's packaged pumping systems, such as the Newton Titan-Pro.

Features and benefits:

  • Thermal overload protection against motor burnout.
  • Non-clogging vortex impeller.
  • Protection against motor burnouts due to a locked impeller.
  • Double mechanical seals ensure increased durability against particle abrasion and wear.
  • Anti-airlock impellor housing ensures that the pump is able to remove trapped air even when the sump was previously dry.
  • High performance and efficiency even with a low current.
  • Unique vertical float allows complete adjustment of the start and stop heights.
  • Provides continued pumping even during power cuts when used with Newton Victron Power Converters.
  • Supplied with pipe fittings ready to receive pressure rated pipe. Also supplied with one-way valves, which are designed to screw directly into the pump body.

General information


Body: 1.4301 (304) grade stainless steel. Shaft: 1.4006 (410) grade stainless steel.


Black/ silver.



Dependent on variant specified


One-year manufacturer warranty. Three-year warranty available if serviced at regular intervals by approved engineers

Uniclass 2015

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J40/384 Cavity drainage pumps

R12/135 Private packaged pumping stations and pressure pipeline system

R18/310 Private packaged pumping stations

Product range

Pumps, Pumping Stations and Ancillaries / Pumps

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Flow rate

CP150: 80 litres/minute.

CP250: 120 litres/minute.

CP400: 220 litres/minute.

CP750: 295 litres/minute.



Nominal voltage

230 V.


50 mm cone valve for use with 50 mm pressure rated pipe - Code V2.

63 mm cone valve for use with 63 mm pressure rated pipe - Code V8.

Adaptor to female socket ready for 50 mm pressure rated pipe - Code PP33.

Adaptor to female socket ready for 63 mm pressure rated pipe - Code PP44.

Battery backup for CP250 - Newton MultiPlus 12/800/35 - Code BB20.

Battery backup for CP400 - Newton MultiPlus 12/1200/50 - Code BB21.

Battery backup for CP750 - Newton MultiPlus 12/3000/120 - Code BB22.

High Water Level Alarm - Code PA50.

Text and Speech Dialer for PA50 Alarm - Code PA5

Product Reference

CP150 (P30)


CP250 (P29)


CP250 (P31)


CP400 (P28)


CP400 (P32)


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Body: 1.4301 (304) grade stainless steel. Shaft: 1.4006 (410) grade stainless steel.

Maximum pumping head

CP150: 6 metres.

CP250: 8 metres.

CP400: 10 metres.

CP750: 11 metres.


CP150: 160 L/min.

CP250: 210 L/min.

CP400: 290 L/min.

CP750: 410 L/min.

Pump switching

Automatic by pump float or by separate pump control panel.

Float switch

Fully adjustable vertical operation.

Pump start level

Fully adjustable.

Lowest or Stop Water Level

CP150: 80/ 110 mm.

CP250: 80 mm.

CP400: 80 mm.

CP750: 127 mm.

Clean water pumping


Fluid temperature range


Power supply - single phase

230 V.

Motor output

CP150: 150 W.

CP250: 250 W.

CP400: 400 W.

CP750: 750 W.


Newton CP Pumps

Newton CP Pumps

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