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Newton 901-P


Suitable for the pre-priming of damp or porous concrete and screed prior to the application of Newton 902-P primer.

Areas of application include:

  • Podium decks;
  • Car parks;
  • Warehousing and storage;
  • Garages;
  • Plant rooms.


Two-part, solvent free, clear epoxy which is applied to damp and porous surfaces as a pre-primer prior to the application of Newton 902-P, a vapour barrier and primer for newly placed, or damp, concrete and screed.

The high-quality epoxy formulation allows for application onto damp surfaces, whilst the low-viscosity penetrates deep into porous substrates to effectively seal the surface ready for the main primer application.

Newton 901-P is quick and simple to apply by brush, roller or squeegee, and can be applied over cementitious screeds and concrete just seven days after placement, and is a key component of the Newton NewSeal System for the sealing, coating and protection of exposed screed and concrete surfaces - consult manufacturer for further details.

Features and benefits:

  • Very damp-tolerable.
  • Can be applied to concrete and screed seven days after placement.
  • Low viscosity.
  • Solvent free.
  • Provides a good vapour barrier.
  • High-bond damp proof membrane (DPM) that provides a barrier to vapour and to prevent osmotic blistering.
  • Life expectancy is equal to that of the surface it is applied to.

Suitable substrates:

Indoor or outdoor floors of correctly formed, compacted and prepared:

  • Concrete, at least seven days old;
  • Screed, at least seven days old.

General information





Low viscosity epoxy resin


5 kg A and B component in two separate containers


Pr_35_31_66_67 Primer-sealersPrimary


J10/110 Proprietary mortar

J30/110 Cold-applied tanking

J31/110 Cold deck roof coating

J31/120 Warm deck roof coating

J31/130 Inverted roof coating

J31/353 Waterproof coating

J40/295 Geocomposite studded cavity drainage/ venting membrane

Product range

Primers, Preparation and Reinforcement

Specification data - Primer-sealers Enhanced data


Two-part, solvent free, clear epoxy resin.

Product Reference

Newton 901-P

Yield per kg

0.9 L.

Application rate - 1st coat

0.25 kg/m².

Application rate – 2nd coat if 902-P not used

0.25 kg/m².

Shelf life

12 months.

Pot life at 20°C and Relative Humidity (RH) of 40%

15 to 20 minutes.

Minimum application temperature - substrate

+5°C (and rising).

Maximum application temperature - air


Service temperature

-15 to +50°C.


Ammonia smell when mixing.

VOC content

Below 100 g/L%.

Adhesion to concrete (>B2.0)

3.5 MPa.

Water vapour transmission rate – UK Perm

>1.0g/m²/24 hrs.

Water vapour diffusion resistance – Sd value

2.066 m.

Water vapour diffusion resistance – µ value

9391 μ.

Water vapour diffusion resistance

10.331 MNs/g.

Reaction to fire classification – Not determined


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