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Newton 410 GeoDrain


  • To prevent water bearing against the structure of an externally applied waterproofing system to sloping sites when used in conjunction with sheet applied or liquid applied external tanking membrane to BS 8102:2009.
  • Protection of the structure from aggressive chemicals in the ground water.
  • Protection of the waterproofing membrane.


A two-core drainage sheet consisting of a non-woven geotextile filter layer thermally welded to a water impermeable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) drainage membrane.

The product provides drainage and protection to the outside face of basement walls to sloping sites, preventing the build-up of water pressure and protecting the structure from aggressive water, chemicals and toxins, and provides mechanical protection only when used against the ‘Type A’ waterproofing where the site is not sloping and so where ground water removal is not viable or recommended.

Consult manufacturer's literature for relevant installation information.

Features and benefits:

  • Assists in moving water around and downhill of the structure to sloping sites to prevent water pressure from bearing against the structure.
  • Resistant to all chemicals normally found in the ground and unaffected by soil, bacteria and fungi.
  • Withstands stresses and movement acting as a slip membrane as the backfill settles.
  • Allows for backfilling with excavated earth.
  • Extremely strong material, minimising the risk of damage when backfilling even when no protection board is used.
  • Very high compressive strength.
  • Suspended soil particles (fines) are filtered out by the geotextile layer.
  • Quick and easy to install with a range of ancillary fixing and installation products.
  • CE marked, and manufactured in accordance with EN 13252: 2016.

General information



Studded core: Black, Geotextile: White.


11.3 x 1250 x 2000 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_51_74 Rubber studded sheetsPrimary


J40/295 Geocomposite studded cavity drainage/ venting membrane

Product range

External Waterproofing and Drainage Membranes

Specification data - Rubber studded sheets Enhanced data


CE marked, and manufactured in accordance with EN 13252: 2016.



Studded layer

High density polyethylene (HDPE).

Filter layer


Third-party certification

To EN ISO 12958, BS 6906-3, EN ISO 25619-2, BS EN 1931, EN ISO 10319 and to EN 14030/ EN ISO 13438.

Stud height

10.2 mm.

Sheet thickness

1.1 mm.

Weight (minimum)

20.0 kg.


Black/ White.

Performance characteristics


Flow rate

20 kPa: 4.60 L/m²/s.

Product Reference

Newton 410 GeoDrain (M18)

Stud depth

9.6 mm.

Vicat softening temperature (Studded core)


Packaged weight (GeoDrain)

20.0 kg.

Service temperature

-40 to +80 °C.

Thickness at 2kPa

11.3 mm.

Water flow (in plane)

3.50 l/m²/s.

Water flow through geotextile

350 l/m²/s.

Compressive strength – Temporary loading

420 kPa.

Water vapour diffusion resistance – Sd value

>604 m.

Water vapour diffusion resistance – µ value

>1 208 000 µ.

Water vapour diffusion resistance

>3020 MNs/g.

Tensile strength (Machine direction)

15.4 kN/m².

Tensile strength (Cross direction)

16.8 kN/m².

Chemical resistance – Excellent


Oxidation resistance – Excellent


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Revit 2016


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Newton 410 Geodrain

Newton 410 Geodrain

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