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Newton 108 HydroBond-LM


  • Suitable for basements and walls (positive pressure).
  • Can only be sprayed with a specialist spray machine - consult manufacturer for details.


A highly radon resistant, cold spray-applied, seamless, rubber waterproofing membrane for the external waterproofing of basements and foundation walls. Normally specified as part of the HydroBond® System in conjunction with Newton 403 HydroBond. The membrane can however also be used on its own, terminating to raft or strip foundations.

Extremely puncture resistant, with a high elasticity and a 95% recovery memory, the membrane becomes fully engaged into the concrete surface to prevent water tracking and is suitable for all below ground and earth-retained structures, ranging from domestic basements to the largest civil engineering projects.

Newton 108 HydroBond-LM can be used together with Newton 403 HydroBond to provide a complete waterproof envelope to the structure, forming a Type A (barrier) waterproofing solution suitable for Grades 1, 2 and 3 as defined by BS 8102: 2009.

Surface preparation is required, as is protection after application - consult manufacturer for details.

Features and benefits:

  • Accepted by the NHBC as a suitable waterproofing system for Type A waterproofing to grades 1, 2 and 3 - BS 8102: 2009.
  • Fully-bonded seamless membrane.
  • Very flexible, easily dealing with movement and settlement.
  • Cost effective.
  • No shrinkage.
  • Can be applied in cooler and damper conditions, and without a primer.
  • Very quick to apply – 1000 m² per day (maximum).
  • Solvent free, non-toxic and odourless.
  • Non-flammable and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Chemically resistant.
  • Suitable substrates include concrete of at least 20 kN, concrete block walls with flush pointing, screed, and insulated formwork walls (ICF).
  • CE marked, and manufactured in accordance with EN 15814: 2011+A2: 2014.
  • Where the membrane is exposed to UV and weathering, the life expectancy is ten years.


  • Ready for next coat (over joints): After 30 minutes.
  • To be kept rain-free: For 2 minutes.
  • Ready for temporary foot traffic/ protection boards: After 30 minutes.
  • Fully cured: After 30 minutes.

General information


Thin matt black finish.


Brown at application, cures black.



Rubber waterproofing membrane.


Liquid form.


200/1000 Litres.

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_51_66 Polymeric membranesPrimary


J30/130 Cold applied damp proofing . . . . . .

J30/10 Cold applied damp proofing

Product range

Liquid Waterproofing Membranes

Specification data - Polymeric membranes Enhanced data

Third-party certification

BDA Agrement BAB-18-067-P-A-UK.

Width (minimum)

1 mm.


Brown/ Black.

Product Reference

Newton 108-LM HydroBond-LM (HBLM)

Reaction to fire classification

Euroclass B2.

Radon gas diffusion resistance (2 mm membrane)

2.4 x 10-11 M2/s.

Impact resistance after UV aging - 1000 h - 10 mm


Water resistance - 21 days at 21°C




Water vapour diffusion resistance - Mu value

36200 Mu.

Water vapour diffusion resistance - Sd value

72.4 m.

Flexibility at low temperature at 0°C


Low temperature flexibility at -10°C


Dimensional stability at high temperature - no dripping


Resistance to fatigue movement - 1000 actions at -10°C


Crack bridging ability (no reinforcement) - Class CB2

>2 mm.

Resistance to static indentation (reinforced)

250 N.

Loading capability (no reinforcement) - Class1

0.06 MN/mm².

Tensile strength and elongation at break (reinforced)(aged)

0.58 N/mm².

Tensile strength and elongation at break (reinforced)

0.68 N/mm².

Adhesion to concrete

0.62 N/mm².

Softening temperature


Density/Specific Gravity (no reinforcement)


Membrane thickness - Horizontal RC elements

3.0 mm.

Membrane thickness - Radon barrier and Block and ICF walls

2.0 mm.

Membrane thickness - RC joints

2.0 mm.

Membrane thickness - RC walls

1.0 mm.


11 - 13.

Viscosity - SSF at 25C

15–20 seconds.



Application temperature

+3 to +35C.

Application method

Specialist machine.

Application rate - Radon barrier

3.2 l/m².

Application rate - Block and ICF walls

3.2 l/m².

Application rate - Joints in concrete walls - band of 250 mm

3.2 l/m².

Application rate - RC walls - Waterproofing only

1.6 l/m².

Pot life

3 months.

Shelf life

12 months.

Density / Specific gravity


Digital objects

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Revit 2016


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Newton 108 Hydrobond-LM BDA Certificate

Newton 108 Hydrobond-LM BDA Certificate

Third party certifications

  • Certificate: BAB 17-031/04/A

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