Neatdek 3 Level-access Shower Grilles

Suitable for use in shower areas with solid or timber floors.


Aluminium shower grille providing level-access, no ridges and no gradients, just a completely level showering area with a smooth surface transition which makes it feel like the rest of the bathroom floor. Unlike wet room showers, it doesn't need a slope to assist drainage and it keeps the rest of the bathroom dry. The system can be installed with the option of the Neatseal PVC insert for a completely watertight joint which is much more durable than silicon seals.

It can accommodate high power shower output and is available in a variety of sizes. Available as a grille with tray or grille with frame.

Features and benefits:

  • Flush to floor.
  • Gradient free.
  • Easy to clean - grilles are easily removed with no lifting required.
  • 74% contact area.
  • Fast drainage.
  • Includes a lifetime guarantee.


Suitable for use in shower areas with solid or timber floors.

General information


Powder coated


Aluminium alloy

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_20_06_84 Shower traysPrimary


N13/375 Shower units

N13/40 Shower units

Specification data - Shower trays

Product Reference

Neatdek 3 Level-access Shower Grille With Frame

Suitable for solid floors.

Neatdek 3 Level-access Shower Grille With Tray

Suitable for solid and timber floors, 30 mm deep tray.


Left hand corner


One side

Right handed corner

Three wall enclosure


Anthracite Grey - RAL 7016


Melon Yellow - RAL 1028


Pale Green - RAL 6021

Pigeon Blue - RAL 5014

Pure White - RAL 9010

Sky Blue - RAL 5015

Traffic Purple - RAL 4006

Traffic Red - RAL 3020

Wine Red - RAL 3005

Yellow Green - RAL 6018

Neatseal PVC Insert

Not required


Provides a completely watertight joint.

Standard product features


Aluminium alloy.


Powder coated.


  • Spacing: 30 mm.
  • Width: 22 mm.
  • Depth: 25.4 mm.
  • Gap: 8 mm.

Loadbearing capacity (to BS 4592-1):

250 kg (40 stone).

Drainage capacity:

25 L/min.

Product Options


Available in five standard sizes, as both square and rectangular trays. Bespoke sizes also available.

Neatseal PVC Insert:

PVC inset which is attached to the Neatdek 3 profile and hot seam welded directly to the vinyl sheet flooring, creating a completely secure and highly durable watertight joint. Supplied with mitred corners, Neatseal provides a hard-wearing alternative to silicon seals which have a tendency to perish and shrink over time.

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