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Monokote® Z-146PC

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GCP Applied Technologies

Light-weight, petrochemical grade, high-density inorganic fireproofing- formulated with Direct Corrosion Inhibitor (DCI).

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Protects steel and concrete found in harsh conditions such as:

  • Petrochemical processing applications;
  • Refinery facilities;
  • LNG facilities;
  • Offshore platforms;
  • Nuclear and conventional power plants.


Portland cement based fireproofing formulated with bauxite and DCI requiring only the addition of water on site to form a consistent, pumpable and trowelable slurry. Weighing approximately 65–75% less than regular concrete, it can be applied at several thicknesses offering up to four hours hydrocarbon pool fire resistance.

It is not recommended in operating temperatures in excess of 93°C, for use over aluminium or other non-ferrous substrates, or use as a refractory material.

Features and Benefits:

  • Sets and dries to a hard, damage resistant coating offering resistance against physical impacts occurring during routine operations and maintenance at the facility.
  • It has been tested for bond, compressive strength, hardness and other properties in accordance with API RP 2218 and ASTM in place performance standards.
  • Can be mixed in standard plaster mixers. After mixing it may be spray-applied with commonly available pumping and spraying equipment for high speed efficient application. It can also be applied with trowels and poured into wood formworks.
  • Offers cost effective fire resistance in interior as well as exterior and corrosive environments such as those defined by ISO 12944-2 up to corrosion class C5-I and C5-M.
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Crack free formula.
  • Up to 25 mm per coat.
  • High yield rates.
  • Non flammable and non combustible.
  • Asbestos free.
  • Chloride and sulfide free.
  • No contribution to gas or smoke generation during a fire.

Has been tested in accordance with:

  • UL 1709 – up to four hours.
  • BS 476 Part 20 appendix D – up to two hours.
  • UL 263 – up to four hours.
  • Investigated by UL for exterior use even under freeze/ thaw cycles.
  • Jet fire tested with HSE standard OTI 95634 – up to two hours.
  • Explosion tested to a charge of 227 Kg of TNT placed 19 meters away.
  • Tested under cryogenic conditions.

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Pr_35_31_64_12 Cementitious rendersPrimary


M22/120 Sprayed

Specification data - Cementitious renders


Portland Cement.

Product Reference

Monokote® Z-146PC

Dry density

640 kg/m³ (40 pcf).

Bond strength

4.9 kg/cm² (0.49 MPa).



Typical yield

6.6 kg/m² at 10 mm.


35.2 kg/cm² (3.45 MPa).

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