Icopal radon sumps, constructed of rigid PVC, are not affected by soil contamination and are rot-proof. Special features include asymmetric connections to allow use where access is limited.

Radon Sumps should be positioned in the area of maximum percolation in the upper levels of the hardcore. The sump should be located as near as possible to the centre of the floor plan and connected to sealed pipework routed vertically through the building.

The radon sump is sufficient for approx 250 m².

General information


Rigid PVC


D21/370 Plastics depressurization sumps

D21/40 Plastics depressurization sumps

Specification data

Product Reference

Monarflex Radon Sump

Termination Caplink

Not required

ESC01 (straight)

ESC02 (90° angle)

Standard product features


Rigid PVC

Sump Diameter:

380 mm

Sump Height:

149 mm

Outlet Diameter:

110 mm

Product Options

The radon sump is connected via pipework and is terminated at external ground level with the EasiSump termination caplink. This is available in two versions. The ESCL01 which is a straight termination; and the ESCL02 which terminates as 90° bend.