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ModuSat® Floor Standing HIU With Integrated Tank

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ModuSat® FS80

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Floor standing heat interface unit with integrated tank.

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Designed to provide apartments and communal housing developments with high efficiency heating and independent fast recovery hot water.


Floor standing heat interface unit consisting of a fast recovery hot water tank and a plate heat exchanger, combined with electronic PID control using Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV) with modulating actuator achieving a low primary return temperature as well as providing differential pressure control and flow rate regulation.

The heating circuit consists of a plate heat exchanger (PHE), safety relief valve, pressure gauge, flow and return temperature sensors, Wilo PWM circulation pump and expansion vessel. The heating circuit flow temperature is controlled by the modulation of the primary flow rate with the integrated PICV actuator. Weather compensation is applied to the set heating temperature using SmartTalk® two-way communication. Suitable for radiators, underfloor heating or fan coil units.

Domestic hot water is generated in an unvented cylinder via a high efficiency coil. The primary heat network flows through the heat exchanger coil and transfers the thermal energy to the potable water in the tank. General industry guidelines recommend heating the full volume of the cylinder up to 60⁰C for at least one hour per day. This programme can be set up using our ViewSmart or selected third part thermostat suppliers.

Features and benefits:

  • Global warming potential (GWP) of the cylinder insulation = 0.
  • Ultrasonic heat meter MID approved and class 2 accuracy (BS EN 1434) .
  • Simple to install due to factory assembled pipe work, internal wiring and integrated heat meter.
  • Integrates readily with renewable energy sources.
  • Excellent thermal efficiency achieved using the latest technology and efficient brazed stainless steel PHE’s.
  • Integrated PaySmart® technology ready for prepayment billing upgrade (activated remotely at any time).
  • Billing app for use on smartphones and tablets.
  • Integrated hot water storage within the ModuSat reduces central plant peak load.
  • Fully integrated unvented kit.
  • Easy access for servicing.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements.
  • External filling loop (optional).
  • SmartTalk® two-way communication.
  • Wilo PWM Pump – Provides compliance with EU ErP Directive 2015.
  • Electronically controlled PICV’s for primary flow rate modulation to match demand, differential pressure control and energy shut-off.
  • Hot water blending valve for additional DHW temperature safety.
  • Electric immersion heater (optional).
  • Includes inbuilt TCP/IP technology to operate on an Ethernet network if required.
  • ViewSmart room controller with optional upgrade to provide ENE3 compliant Energy Display Device.
  • Remote monitoring, alarms and diagnostics.
  • No annual gas appliance inspections required.
  • Capable of reading an electricity meter (Option for ENE3).

General information






545 mm

600 mm

760 mm


1370 mm

1720 mm

2020 mm

2070 mm

2320 mm


Pr_60_60_38_36 Heat interface unitsPrimary


T90/110 Heating system

T90/110 Heating system

Specification data - Heat interface units


Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) Approved.



Flow rate

720 L/h.

At 80⁰C.




Insulated plate heat exchanger (Heating), pressure independent control valve (PICV) with actuator and heat meter.


Blending valve, heating expansion vessel, pressure sensor, safety relief valve, P&T safety relief discharge, pressure gauge, circulation pump, safety thermostat external (Optional) and Drain point.


Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV), electronic actuator and PID control.

Power supply

220/240V, 50Hz.

Maximum temperature


Capillary Brazing



560 mm.


545 mm.


1370 mm.

Optional items

Not required.

Filling loop.

Electric immersion heater.

Safety thermostat (external).

Max flow rate

850 L/h.

At 80⁰C.

Operating pressure (maximum)

10 bar.

16 bar.


Third party certifications



Kiwa UK 1812389/AMD1 Approval for ModuSat FS

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