Building upon 20 years of R&D at the cutting edge of invisible speaker technology, Mobius 7i loudspeakers incorporate a number of patented technologies to achieve exceptional audio performance while remaining completely invisible. Mobius speakers can be installed into walls, ceilings or cabinetry with almost any finishing material including plaster, wood and stone laminates. Mobius7i speakers work with the covering material to produce incredible high frequency detail and extension. When paired with a discreet subwoofer, Mobius7i speakers offer the highest performance characteristics of any invisible loudspeaker.

General information


Suitable for both commercial and residential applications, fully covered with 2 mm of almost any finishing material including wood, plaster, stone laminates, leather and more, completely invisible in application, exceptional dispersion, typically requiring two to four times fewer loudspeakers to cover the same space when compared to paper-cone based loudspeakers, beneficial in acoustically harsh spaces




450 x 345 x 33 mm


10 years

Uniclass 2015

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- 2 2.1
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