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Mipolam Symbioz™

Mipolam Symbioz™ is a high performing commercial floor with an outstanding reputation in healthcare and education applications.


Mipolam Symbioz™ is a homogeneous compact vinyl floor covering in sheet form with patented Evercare™ surface treatment for high resistance to chemicals and staining. It requires no wax for life, delivering ease of maintenance and energy savings. Available in 38 non-directional natural colour references across two complementary designs, all with a matt effect finish, for maximum design choice.

Features and benefits:

  • Evercare™ surface treatment for high chemical and stain resistance.
  • Requires no waxing - easy and cost-effective maintenance.
  • Non-directional design.
  • 100% non-porous surface.
  • Highly flexible, easy to install and weld.
  • Compatible with the Gerflor Clean Corner system.
  • Type Binder classification I.
  • Wide range of colours – 38 references.
  • Contemporary matt finish.
  • Indoor Air Quality – very low emitting material <10 µg/m³.
  • Contains exclusive bio-based plasticiser – 100% made from organic source
  • 100% recyclable and contains over 75% sustainable or renewable raw materials.
  • Also available in tile format: Mipolam Symbioz™ Tile, specified separately.

Installation and maintenance:

Should be installed in accordance with the BS 8203:2017 Code of practice for installation of resilient floor coverings. Installation and maintenance instructions are available. For optimum hygiene, Mipolam Symbioz™ can be installed with the patented Clean Corner System.


Mipolam Symbioz™ is a high performing commercial floor with an outstanding reputation in healthcare and education applications.

General information





Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_57_71_67 Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheetsPrimary


M50/150 Sheeting

M50/20 Sheeting

Specification data - Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheets

Product Reference

Mipolam Symbioz™ - Sheet


6001 Cotton

6002 Lipica

6005 Ghibli

6006 Blue Sky

6008 Calico

6009 Grey Stone

6010 Mist

6018 Ushuaia

6025 Tangelo

6027 Acacia

6029 Cloud

6030 Stonehenge

6031 Breeze

6032 Sunshine

6034 Mole

6036 Oceania

6037 Lagoon

6039 Pebble

6041 Clay

6043 Wood

6044 Sea Storm

6045 Chocolate

6047 Sauge

6050 Hurricane

6056 Tulum

6057 Musk

6058 Vermiglio

6059 Black Diamond

6065 Segesta

6067 Kaki

6075 Cardinal

6202 Nova Lipica

6206 Nova Blue Sky

6208 Nova Calico

6209 Nova Grey Stone

6220 Nova Stonehenge

6241 Nova Clay

6243 Nova Wood



Co-ordinating 100% bio-based plasticiser weld rods

Standard product features


20 m.


2000 mm.


2 mm.


2580 g/m².

BS EN 685 Level of use class:

34–43 – Commercial, very heavy – Light industrial, heavy.

EN 13501-1 Fire rating:

Class Bfl-s1.

EN 1815 Static electrical propensity:

<2 kV.

DIN 51130 Slip resistance:


ISO 10581 Type binder content:

Type I.

EN ISO 23999 Dimensional stability:


EN ISO 24343-1 Residual indentation:

≈0.02 mm.

ISO 4918 Castor chair test (Type W):


EN ISO 10456 Thermal conductivity:

0.25 W/m·K.

Surface treatment:


ISO 160000-6 TVOC after 28 days:

<10 µg/m³.

Digital objects
PlatformCompatibleVersionCertified to
- 6 2.0
Revit 2017 6 2.0
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Third party certifications
  • REACH: Compliant
  • Floorscore®: Certified
  • CE: Marked : Manufactured in accordance with EN 14041
  • BREAAM: A/A+
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