Metro Full Panel Ticket Turnstile Gate


  • Mass transit systems.
  • Metro.
  • Railway.
  • High speed railway.
  • Ferry terminals.


Full panel gate offering high security prevention using tall retractable glass panels which slide into the cabinet when the passenger’s ticket is authorized. The gate features an elliptical design, giving the barrier an elegant, lighter and user-friendly appearance. It has a silent and smooth in operation and is constructed for high speed passenger flow.

It is available in a polyurethane colour finish or with stainless steel cabinets, with a selection of top lid materials, side panels and many other customizable options.

Features and benefits:

  • Stainless steel cabinet construction.
  • Single passage detection.
  • 600 mm and 900 mm walkway widths.
  • Variable glass panel heights, 1200–1800 mm.
  • Highest security against unauthorized passage.
  • Effective prevention against tailgating.
  • High throughput - 60 passages/minute.
  • High prevention against passengers climbing over or crawling under the gate barriers.
  • CE marked.
  • Time to repair: <30 minutes.

General information


Available in a polyurethane colour finish or with stainless steel cabinets.




Casework: 2 mm thick grade 1.4301 (304) grained stainless steel.


Obstacle panels: 12 mm thick clear tempered glass with black rubber buffers on the closing edge (regular panel) or both edges (wide panel).


950 x 1932 x 300 mm

950 x 1448 x 300 mm

950 x 1932 x 480 mm

950 x 1448 x 480 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_34_88 Stainless steel half-height turnstilesPrimary


L20/495 Automatic revolving doors

Specification data - Stainless steel half-height turnstiles Enhanced data

Turnstile type

Speedgate - retractable panel.



Control unit



Product Reference

Metro Full Panel Gate MFP



550/ 900 mm passage width.

Standard long lane.

550 mm passage width, 950 x 1932 x 300 mm (h x l x w) cabinet size.

Standard short lane.

550 mm passage width, 950 x 1448 x 300 mm (h x l x w) cabinet size.

Wide long lane.

900 mm passage width, 950 x 1932 x 480 mm (h x l x w) cabinet size.

Wide short lane.

900 mm passage width, 950 x 1448 x 480 mm (h x l x w) cabinet size.

Glass panel height

1200 mm.

1800 mm.


600 mm.

900 mm.



Battery back up.

Heating system.

Special order.

Acoustic performance

<55 dB.

Operating temperature


(at 95% relative humidity (RH) non-condensing). Down to -20°C with heating system.

Ingress protection



High-performance fraud detection.

Through sophisticated and proven algorithm. More than 40 different passage scenarios handled, including intrusion, tailgating, piggybacking, wrong way direction, leave aisle timeout, anti-crawling flap leaf barrier, passenger with a hand carried luggage, passenger with wheeled trolley luggage. >95% detection rate even in complex scenarios at 150 mm distance.


  • Safety force sensing.
  • Safety rubber edges.
  • Accurate presence sensing.
  • Emitter/ receiver infrared sensors technology.
  • Logic voltage 24 V AC.
  • Voltage free contact input for fire alarm fail state.
  • Fail-safe manual push opening.
  • Fail-safe via battery back-up opening (option).
  • Wide walkway for wheelchair or child passage management.


Maintenance access unit

Access to ticket controller and gate management system via slide out end panels.

Mounted on heavy duty guide rails. Servicing does not impinge on adjacent passageways. Minimal removal parts to reduce mechanical failure and longevity or wear during servicing.

Power failure

Moving panels configured to fair open.

The panels open when the battery backup is active or when the mechanism is in the fail-safe configuration.

Moving panels will remain in current position.

The panels remain in the current position, when the battery back-up is not present and for the remaining mechanism types.



Five million cycles.


Door leaf.

12 mm thick clear tempered glass.

With black rubber buffers on the closing edge (regular panel) or both edges (wide panel).

Traffic management systems

Light indicators.

For guiding passengers there are light indicators integrated into each end leg of the housing (red cross and green arrow), remotely switchable to conform to the flow of gates at peak times or to close the complete system.


50–60 Hz.


115–230 V a.c


Polyurethane painted.

Insert colour requirement.

Scotch Brite 4.


Stainless steel.

Special order.

Insert requirement.

Passage rate

≤60 passages per minute.


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