Megapress G

Megapress G

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Cold press pipeline fittings for use with steel gas pipes.

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  • Natural gas.
  • Liquid propane (LP) gas.
  • Fuel oil (DIBT certification).

The piping system must not be used for fuel gases in accordance with DVGW G 260. The connectors may only be pressed with Megapress press rings and jaws.


Press connector fittings with connectors manufactured from non-​alloy steel 1.0308 for seamless, welded, galvanized, epoxy resin-coated, industrially painted and black steel pipes in accordance with DIN EN 10255, DIN EN 10220/10216-1 or DIN 10220/10217-1.

The Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (HNBR) sealing elements guarantee that the press connections have the required degree of sealing, even where the pipe surface is rough. Suitable for retrofit installations.

Sealing element:

A cutting ring, 1.4301 grade stainless steel separator ring and an HNBR profile sealing element are included in the bead of the press connector. The cutting ring cuts into the pipe during pressing and ensures a force-locked connection.

During insertion of the pipe, and later during the pressing, the separator ring protects the sealing element from damage.

Press connectors:

The press connectors are equipped with the Viega SC-Contur, which is a safety technology approved by Kitemark, and ensures that the connection is guaranteed to be leaking in an unpressed state. In this way, inadvertently unpressed connections are noticed immediately during a leakage test.

Viega MegaPressG fittings are offered in +100 configurations, including:

  • Couplings.
  • Reducers.
  • Unions.

Features and benefits:

  • Up to 60% less assembly time in comparison with other conventional connecting methods, such as welding or threaded and groove connections.
  • Economical due to high time-saving during installation.
  • Fireproof, as flames and flue gases are not produced with cold press technology.
  • Universal use. Presses thick-walled steel pipes (½ to 2 inches), irrespective of whether the pipe is seamless, welded, uncoated, galvanized or resin-varnished.

General information



Non-​alloy steel 1.0308.


Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_52_63_83 Steel pipeline fittingsPrimary


S90/120 Storage cold water supply

S90/150 Indirect hot water storage supply

S90/150 Indirect hot water storage supply

S90/140 Direct hot water storage supply

S90/140 Direct hot water storage supply

S90/120 Storage cold water supply

S90/130 Instantaneous hot water supply

S90/130 Instantaneous hot water supply

S90/110 Mains cold water supply

S90/160 Rainwater/ greywater recycling system

S90/110 Mains cold water supply

Specification data - Steel pipeline fittings Enhanced data

Product Reference

Megapress G


Various options available; consult literature and insert requirements [part number(s)].


External, high-quality 3–5 µm zinc-nickel (provides protection against external corrosion).


D½ (DN 15).

D¾ (DN 20).

D1 (DN 25).

D1¼ (DN 32).

D1½ (DN 40).

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Operating temperature

-40°C to +82°C (HNBR).

Operating pressure (maximum)

125 psi.

Third party certifications

  • TÜV SÜD: TÜV certification
  • VdS: Vds Approval of Products
  • FM-approved
  • Kitemark: KM 660921 : Kitemark Approval of Products

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