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A low maintenance mixture of wildflowers and flowering perennials growing in a strong moisture retentive felt, supplied ready to lay.

Unroll over a suitably prepared and irrigated Radmat GM30 Wildflower Substrate, installed to a depth of 75 mm (minimum) or 100 mm (preferable). Loosely butt sides and ends. Once installed irrigate for the prescribed period based on season.

General information


Pr_45_57_91_65 Pre-planted vegetation matsPrimary


Q28/125 Green roof growing media system

Q37/120 Simple intensive green roof

Q37/130 Extensive green roof

Q37/110 Intensive green roof

Q37/400 Vegetation blanket

Specification data - Pre-planted vegetation mats

General requirements

Turf, pre-planted and pre-seeded products generally


Length variable.

1200 mm.

2400 mm.



Mix type

Sedum and wildflower mix.


Achillea millefolium.

Centaurea s.cabiosa

Daucus carota.

Filipendula ulmaria.

Galium album / Galium mollugo.

Galium verum.

Knautia arvensis.

Leontodon hispidus.

Leucanthemum vulgare.

Lotus corniculatus.

Origanum vulgare.

Plantago lanceolata.

Plantago media.

Product Reference

MedO Wildflower Mat