Instal over MedO GM20 Extensive Growing Medium. 


Radmat SedumPlus sedum blanket is a low maintenance, drought resistant, ready to lay sedum vegetation blanket. Grown in the UK SedumPlus comprises sixteen varieties of sedum pre-grown in a strong biodegradable 450g/m² felt mat made from recycled British textiles. Providing a variety of colour and interest, Radmat SedumPlus has been specially developed to provide a variety of different leaf types and flowers throughout the year whilst enhancing biodiversity. Colours range from greens through to vibrant reds, oranges, purples and browns at appropriate times of the Spring and Summer. 

Unroll over a suitably prepared and irrigated Radmat growing medium. Loosely butt sides and ends. Once installed irrigate for the prescribed period based on season.

General information


2000 x 600 mm

2000 x 1200 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_45_57_91_64 Pre-planted palletsPrimary

Specification data - Pre-planted pallets Enhanced data

General requirements

Turf, pre-planted and pre-seeded products generally



Plan dimensions

2.0 x 0.6 m.

2.0 x 1.2 m.

Depth (minimum)

25 mm.




Sedum Stoloniferum.

Sedum Kamtschaticum.

Sedum Hybridum.

Sedum Floriferum.

Sedum Acre.

Sedum Album.

Sedum Spur.ium

Sedum Sexangulare.

Sedum Reflexum Repestre.


25 kg/m².

Product Reference

MedO SedumPlus

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