Green roofs consisting of wildflower seed mix, mixed pre-grown wildflower and sedum plugs, pre-grown wildflower and sedum blanket, and Biodiverse green roofs and ‘Brown’ roofs. Install GM30 Wildflower Substrate on either Radmat D25 or D40 drainage/reservoir board covered with G11 filter fleece in accordance with the Radmat specification.


A suitable growing medium for a self-sustaining plant community consisting of cast wildflower seed, pre-grown wildflower plug plants and or wildflower blankets. Consisting of a blend of water retaining aggregates, crushed brick and organic material, all composted material is from sustainable sources and the crushed brick element is a by-product or a second from the brick manufacturing industry and contains no demolition waste. Compliant with GRO substrate guidelines

General information



Wildflower seed

Uniclass 2015

Pr_45_31_89_35 Green roof substratesPrimary

Specification data - Green roof substrates Enhanced data

General requirements

Topsoil, growing medium, subsoil and preparation materials generally


Compliant with GRO substrate guidelines.

pH (range)


Product Reference

MedO GM30 Wildflower Substrate

Grain size

10 mm.


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