For green roofs.


A de-mixing resistant mineral/organic green roof substrate that provides good nutrient retention capacity and promotes plant germination and growth.

Consisting of natural pumice, light lava stone, bark compost, green compost and turf Radmat GM10 Growing Medium has an open-pore structure and a high total pore volume.

GM10 Growing Medium is a natural product (a mixture of igneous minerals with organic additives) that contains augite, olivine, magnetite, limonite and biotite with organic materials. 

General information





Uniclass 2015

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General requirements

Topsoil, growing medium, subsoil and preparation materials generally


In accordance with FLL Guideline for the planning, execution, and upkeep of green-roof sites and GRO Green Roof Code: Code of Best Practice for the UK.

pH (range)


Water permeability

0.70 mm/min.

Permitted materials for living roof growing medium


Permitted materials

Composted bark.

Composted green waste.

Natural pumice.


Product Reference

MedO GM10 Growing Medium

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