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MC Wall Curtain Wall Series

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Aluminium curtain wall systems.

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For low and high rise buildings, sloped, faceted or structural glazed facades.


Curtain wall systems offering an extensive range of solutions for the architectural building envelope. All ranges can incorporate Smart’s window and door systems.

MC 600 provides impressive, practical and economic glazed facades as a solution for both small and large scale multi-storey commercial buildings and ground floor treatment. MC 600 benefits from an inter-changeable transom/mullion profile that allows fabricators to utilize the same section for both purposes, whilst achieving consistent sight lines. Depending on requirements, MC600 can either be assembled on-site as a stick-built system, or alternatively part assembled in the factory.

MC Glass is an innovative structural glazing solution that offers a completely flush glass façade with the requirement for external glass capping. Suitable for low or high rise structures, MC Glass can be fitted with frameless vents that are not visible from the inside or outside of the building.

MC Wall is a system designed to create a dramatic but practical façade that allows maximum light into small or large multi-storey buildings. The range offers a wide range of options including sloped and facet-shaped glazing, screens and doors. Rapid on-site installation and concealed transoms for seamless/ uninterrupted glass to glass joints are among the many special features of this versatile polyamide thermal break system. The system incorporates a top hung frameless vent.

Features and benefits:

  • Ground floor or multi-storey.
  • Options for sloped or faceted facades.
  • Structural glazing.
  • Incorporates extensive range of windows and doors.
  • 60-minute fire and heat radiation rated profiles.
  • CWCT certified.

General information




Ss_25_10_20_90 Unitized curtain walling systemsPrimary


H11/110 Curtain walling

Product range

Aluminium Curtain Walling

Specification data - Unitized curtain walling systems



Framing members

Aluminium curtain wall frame sections.


Manufacturer standard.

Cladding units


Glass units

Insert requirement, available 24–32 mm as double or triple glazed units.

Panels and facings



Consult manufacturer and insert requirement.



Manufacturer standard.

Perimeter seals

Manufacturer standard.

System accessories

Insert requirement, contact manufacturer for information.

Frame width

55 mm.



Thermal transmittance (U-Value)

Dependent on model, consult manufacturer literature for information.


Air permeability

Dependent on model, consult manufacturer literature for information.



Dependent on model, consult manufacturer literature for information.


Resistance to wind load

Dependent on model, consult manufacturer literature for information.


Frame colour/ finish

Insert single or dual colour requirement.


BIM objects

Platform Compatible Version


Third party certifications

  • CWCT: Certified (MC 600 and MC Wall)