Masonry Reinforcement - Steel


Wincro has developed a range of welded masonry reinforcement to overcome structural problems as well as crack control.

Wincro WMR is a manufactured in 2.7 m standard lengths and is used to improve the structural performance of masonry walls, in accordance with BS 5628-2: 2005, by providing additional resistance to lateral loads e.g. wind. It can also be used to reduce the risk of cracking either at stress concentrations around openings or as a result of movement, in accordance with BS 5628-3: 2005.

Available in four standard widths; 60, 100, 150 and 175 mm and is suitable for walls 100–215 mm thick.

The product is manufactured from three wire sizes and, where flattened, have an equivalent wire diameter of 3, 4 and 5 mm. Longitudinal wires have a minimum characteristic yield strength of 500 N/mm².

Wincro Double Span Masonry Reinforcement for collar-jointed walls is also available. Wincro WMRDCT is used to tie the two leaves of thin masonry together, so it acts as a single unit. The product consists of flat ties welded to flattened longitudinal wires. Manufactured in stainless and galvanized steel, WMRDCT is supplied in a standard width of 175 mm to suit a wall width of 215 mm comprising of either standard bricks or 100 mm blocks.

Also available in austenitic stainless steel. BS 5628-2 recommends that stainless steel material should be used in external walls, including the inner leaf of the cavity.

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Galvanized carbon steel

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_96_71_10 Carbon steel bed joint reinforcementPrimary


F30/270 Meshwork joint reinforcement

F30/42 Channel/ slot ties used with partial fill insulation

Specification data - Carbon steel bed joint reinforcement

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Masonry Reinforcement - Steel



18/8 masonry reinforcement, 3.0 mm diameter wires.


18/8 masonry reinforcement, 4.0 mm flattened wires with welded cross ties at 450 centres.


18/8 double span masonry reinforcement, 4.0 flattened wires with welded cross wires at 450 centres.


18/8 double span masonry reinforcement, 4.0 mm flattened wires with welded cross ties at 450 centres.


18/8 masonry reinforcement, 4.0 mm flattened wires.


18/8 masonry reinforcement, 5.0 mm flattened wires.


Galvanized carbon steel


60 mm

100 mm

150 mm

175 mm

235 mm


Third party certifications

  • CE Marked to BS EN 845-3