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MapeWall GPR

MapeWall GPR

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General purpose render for internal and external use.

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For professional use. Suitable for the rendering and levelling of internal and external masonry substrates (such as medium dense blockwork, brickwork and concrete) in thicknesses up to 15 mm per layer (an overall maximum thickness of 40 mm). To be applied via trowel or rendering spray machine. Application examples include:

  • Smoothing walls.
  • Dubbing out mortar.
  • Render only, with sponge finish.
  • Render only, with silicone and mineral finishes.
  • Damp substrates (though drying time will be extended).

The system can be reinforced with Mapetherm Net to help prevent cracking.

Consult manufacturer's literature for information on recommended substrate preparation and conditions not suitable for the application of this product.


General purpose render suitable for internal and external use. Prepares surfaces to be finished in one of the products from the Mapei range of coatings.

Features and benefits:

  • Pumpable.
  • Can be hand applied.
  • Suitable for use with a variety of finishes.
  • High yield and high impact.
  • Water repellent.
  • Good levelling properties.
  • Easy to use product – just add water.
  • CE marked, and manufactured in accordance with EN 998-1.

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Straight Edge


Cement based


Ten year


Pr_35_31_64_12 Cementitious rendersPrimary


M20/160 Proprietary cement gauged render

Specification data - Cementitious renders Enhanced data


(At 23°C and 50% RH).

Mix ratio: 20:22 parts water by weight.

Mix consistency: Very pasty.

Density: 1830 kg/m³.

pH value: 12.

Application temperature: 5–30°C.

Thickness (per coat): 10–15 mm.

Waiting time before painting: >7 days.

Adhesion to brick substrates: 0.4 N/mm².

Resistance to alkalis, oils and solvents: Excellent.

Temperature range when in use: -30°C to 90°C.

Strength: Class III.

Water absorption class: W2.

Thermal conductivity: 0.67 W/m·K.

Resistance to fire: A1.

Consumption: 25 kg will cover 1.5 m² at 10 mm thick.

Product Reference

Mapewall GPR



Powder formulation

Composition: Cement, selected aggregates and synthetic resins.

Density: 1400 kg/m³.

Dry solid content: 100%.

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