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Mapeshield I

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Mapei (UK) Ltd

Pure zinc coated anodes for galvanic cathodic protection against corrosion of reinforcement rods.

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  • Basins.
  • Beams and columns.
  • Car parks.
  • Floor slabs.
  • Foundations.
  • Front edges of balconies.
  • Piles and abutments on bridges and viaducts.
  • Pre-fabricated reinforced concrete structures.


Pure zinc anodes coated with a special conductive paste, for galvanic cathodic protection against corrosion of reinforcement rods in new structures and in structures requiring repair. It is made up of a multi-layered zinc core with a large surface area, covered with a special conductive paste which keeps the system active over the years.

It is particularly recommended for protecting reinforcement rods against corrosion in structures of art requiring repair work and also a number of advantages if applied on new reinforced structures for protection against corrosion, especially if they come in to contact with aggressive agents.

General information






Pr_35_31_68_99 Zinc platingPrimary


C42/315 Protective coating to reinforcement

Specification data - Zinc plating

Product Reference

Mapeshield I 10/10

100 x 50 mm, 12 mm high.

Mapeshield I 10/20

100 x 50 mm, 15 mm high.

Mapeshield I 30/10

300 x 50 mm, 10 mm high.

Mapeshield I 30/20

300 x 50 mm, 12 mm high.


Light blue.


Mapeshield I 10/10: 230 g (total), 168 g (zinc).

Mapeshield I 10/20: 320 g (total), 245 g (zinc).

Mapeshield I 30/10: 450 g (total), 340 g (zinc).

Mapeshield I 30/20: 570 g (total), 450 g (zinc).

Yield strength

>130 N/mm² (longitudinal), >150 N/mm² (transversal).


Sustainability Brochure

Sustainability Brochure

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