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Mapenet 150

An alkali-resistant glass-fibre mesh used to reinforce waterproof protection layers, anti-fracture membranes and cementitious smoothing and levelling layers.

Once the smoothing and levelling compound or waterproofing layer has hardened, the glass fibre mesh reinforces the layer to protect against the formation of cracks due to movement in the substrate or the tiled surface. It also makes it easier to apply an even layer of smoothing and levelling compound approximately 2 mm thick and improves the system's resistance to temperature variations and abrasion.

Specification data

Product Reference

Mapenet 150

Standard product features


Manufactured from glass fibres treated with a special primer which makes it resistant to alkalis and improves its bond to all waterproofing and smoothing and levelling products.




1 m.


150 g/m².

Mesh size:

4 x 5 mm.

Tensile strength:

  • Breakage strength Warp, >40 N/mm; weft, >40 N/mm.
  • Breaking strength (aged): Warp, >20 N/mm; weft, >20 N/mm.

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