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Mape Antique MC

Cement free, light coloured dehumidifying lime and Eco-Pozzolan-based rendering mortar for the restoration of damp stone, brick and tuff masonry. Especially recommended for the restoration of stone, brick and tuff buildings damaged by capillary rising damp and for the restoration of structures damaged by soluble salts.

General information
Uniclass 2015
Pr_35_31_64_71 Renovating plastersPrimary

M20/330 Proprietary lime:sand

Specification data - Renovating plasters
Product Reference

Mape Antique MC

Mape Antique Rinzaffo -

Not required



5 mm

___ mm

Mape Antique MC thickness

___ mm

Product Options

Mape Antique Rinzaffo

Light coloured salt-resistant cement free lime and Eco-Pozzolan-based mortar can be used before applying Mape Antique MC. Recommended as a first coat in the restoration of old stone, tuff and brick buildings damaged by the strong presence of chlorides, improves adhesion and chemical resistance.

- Thickness:

Applied by trowel in a thickness: 5 mm (maximum).

Mape Antique MC thickness:

Applied by trowel and should not be less than 2 cm thick.

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