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LMD-E 213 Hook-On Ceiling

LMD-E 213 Hook-On Ceiling

Lindner SE

Hook-on metal ceiling panel with accentuated joints and customised surface supported by a concealed hook-on suspension system.

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Metal ceiling panels with customized surfaces, hook-on and/ or swing-down/ slide type, supported by a fully concealed hook-on suspension system, manufactured in accordance with European standards and the technical regulation of TAIM e.V.

System comprises:

  • Metal ceiling panel.
  • L-angle: Manufactured from zinc-galvanized steel, installed as bracing for the substructure.
  • Vernier suspension: Manufactured from zinc-galvanized steel, consisting of hanger upper section, hanger lower section, and safety split pins which are variably adjustable for suspension of supporting profile.
  • Spacer: Manufactured from zinc-galvanized steel for fixation of joint between longitudinal sides of ceiling panels.
  • Double hook-on profile: Manufactured from zinc-galvanized steel to support metal ceiling top layer.

General information

Electrostatically applied powder coating

Uniclass 2015
Ss_30_25_22_90 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling systemsPrimary

K40/10 Suspended ceilings

K40/115 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling system

Specification data - Unit/ modular suspended ceiling systems
Product Reference

LMD-E 213


Hook-on/ Lay-on

Hook-on/ Swing-down

Panel -
Panel size

Length up to 3000 mm, width up to 1250 mm, manufactured from 0.6 or 0.7 mm zinc-galvanized steel, insert requirements.




Rd 1,6-25

Rv 1,8–20

Rg 2,5–16

Rv 3,0–20


RAL 9010

Manufacturer's standard.


Insert requirements.


Insert requirements.

Wall connection


20 x 25 mm, L-trim aluminium

30 x 25 mm, L-trim with hold-down function, aluminium

41 x 25 mm, L-trim for hold-down clip, steel

20 x 20 x 20 x 20 mm, shadow gap trim, steel

25 x 20 x 20 x 25 mm, shadow gap trim with hold-down function, aluminium

Standard product features

Fire performance (BS EN 13501):

A2-s1, d0.




Electrostatically applied powder coating.

Sound absorption:

Dependent on level of perforation and acoustic inlay. Consult manufacturer.

Product Options


Four standard perforations available. Other perforations available on request. Consult manufacturer for perforation patterns.

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