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Living or working environments.


Green pictures suitable for home and office environments.

Features and benefits:

  • No electricity, pump or water connection is needed – an integrated watering system is included which provides water for 4–6 weeks. Full and empty indicators are also provided.
  • Modern design.
  • Plant cassettes are easily exchangeable for personalization.
  • Contributes to a healthy indoor climate through oxygen production and fine dust capture.
  • Hangs on the wall like a painting and can be easily mounted with screws.
  • Fills bare spaces.
  • The high-quality frames are exchangeable if required.
  • Provides a space-saving use of plants in an indoor environment.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Minimal maintenance required.
  • One-year guarantee.
  • Compatible room divider available (LiveDivider®, specified separately).


Living or working environments.

General information
Specification data - Modular unit vertical planting systems
Product Reference

LivePicture® 1

720 x 720 x 70 mm. One cassette.

LivePicture® 2

1120 x 720 x 70 mm. Two cassettes.

LivePicture® 3

1520 x 720 x 70 mm. Three cassettes.

LivePicture® 4

1920 x 720 x 70 mm. Four cassettes.

LivePicture® XL

1120 x 1700 x 70 mm. Six cassettes.



Silver grey



Not required

LiveSpectrum® 900 lm

LiveSpectrum® 1500 lm

LiveSpectrum® 2100 lm

Standard product features

Weight (empty):

  • LivePicture® 1: 12 kg.
  • LivePicture® 2: 16.6 kg.
  • LivePicture® 3: 21.1 kg.
  • LivePicture® 4: 25.5 kg.
  • LivePicture® XL: 35 kg.

Volume capacity:

  • LivePicture® 1: 14 L.
  • LivePicture® 2: 19 L.
  • LivePicture® 3: 24 L.
  • LivePicture® 4: 29 L.
  • LivePicture® XL: 38 L.

Product Options


Other RAL colours and personalization with own logo; design or photo are available on request. Consult manufacturer for information.


Not all locations where vertical vegetation is desirable have sufficient daylight. These light fittings replace the daylight function, and are suitable for integration into ceilings. Lights are available in various brightness's and in 3000K (warm white) or 4000K (natural white). See manufacturers' literature for details.

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