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Floating, self-contained ceiling panels, defined by sharp, almost navigationally continuous alignments, in a semi exposed grid. Diagonal to the alignments, the ceiling gives the appearance of large interconnected surfaces.

The ceiling is well suited to renovating existing ceilings and, on account of its styling, is very simple to mount and demount. Linear almost covers the grid system. This has the advantage of concealing old grid.

Installation height of 63 mm ensures maximum floor-to-ceiling height.

The ceiling can be painted while in the rail system. Design and assembly of the clips prevents the boards being pushed up out of the rail system during painting and cleaning.

Acoustic performance:

Consult Knauf Danoline for details.

General information

600 x 600 x 12.5 mm

Uniclass 2015
Ss_30_25_22_90 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling systemsPrimary

K40/265 Infill units

K40/10 Suspended ceilings

K40/115 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling system

K40/135 Board-suspended ceiling system

Specification data - Unit/ modular suspended ceiling systems
Product Reference



Acoustic Globe Perf (G1)

Acoustic Micro Perf (M1)

Acoustic Quadril Perf (Q1)

Plain Regular (R)

Finish/ Colour

Insert colour reference. White (NCS 0700) as standard.

Perimeter trims

Shadow line

Wall angle

Standard product features


600 x 600 x 12.5 mm.


  • Form: 24 mm lay-in.
  • Exposure: Semi-exposed.
  • Spacing: 600 x 600 mm.


Standard galvanized suspension wire.

Product Options

Finish/ colour:

  • White painted (NCS 0700).
  • Other colours and treatments available on request – consult Knauf Danoline for details.


Consult Knauf Danoline for recommendations and details.

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