LimeRubber SafePlay System

LimeRubber SafePlay System

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Wet-our rubber surfacing consisting of rubber EPDM granule SBR shockpad where required or as rubber mulch, and a quality non-UV aromatic binder resin.

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  • Suitable for children's playground surfaces, sports surfaces, walkways, golf bunker linings, tree pits, swimming pool surrounds, universities, schools, colleges and multiple landscaping projects.
  • Not to be used as a road surface for either domestic or commercial traffic.


A permeable, highly decorative, safe surfacing which absorbs sound and impact consisting of either rubber EPDM granule and/ or rubber mulch and a quality non-UV aromatic binder resin for pedestrian traffic.

When installed onto an SBR granule shockpad, the system will conform to the requirements of the Critical Fall Height (CFH) guidance notes for the safety of children using a variety of playground apparatuses.

Features and benefits:

  • High-quality polyurethane binder/ resin.
  • Optimized ratio resin to rubber blend for optimum performance.
  • Absorbent Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS)-compliant system to drain surface water.
  • Multiple colours are available.
  • Meets CFH requirements.
  • Recycled for environmental benefits.
  • Flexible and strong.
  • Low maintenance.
  • In excess of 200 m² can be installed per day.
  • Ultraviolet (UV)-stable aliphatic binders are available where colour and optimum performance are required.
  • The binder is available as an aromatic isocyanate (standard) or an aliphatic prepolymer (UV-resistant) on request.
  • No additional cacogenic catalyst handling required on site.

General information



Polyurethane resin, EPDM granules or rubber mulch

Uniclass 2015

Ss_30_14_02_41 Impact absorbing synthetic play and sport paving systemsPrimary


Q26/230 In situ polymeric surfacing

Specification data - Impact absorbing synthetic play and sport paving systems Enhanced data

Geotextile below granular sub-base


Not required

Granular sub-base

Not required.

100 mm minimum well-compacted type 3 granular sub-base or similar approved.

New base <40 mm.

150 mm minimum well-compacted type 3 granular sub-base or similar approved.

Surface course

Resin-bound mixed aggregate surfacing.

Edge restraints


Product Reference

LimeRubber SafePlay System

Impermeable membrane

Not required.



Binder course

Not required.

50 mm AC14 open graded asphalt concrete (macadam) maximum 100/ 150 pen binder to BS EN 13108-1.

EPDM/ mulch

15 mm.

20 mm.

40 mm.

50 mm.

Shock pad

EPDM colour

Not applicable.

Arctic Pearl.




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Mulch mix blend

Not applicable.





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[Aliphatic prepolymer (UV-resistant).

Available on request.

Aromatic isocyanate.


Environmental information

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Third party certifications
  • ROSPA : Meets the guidance standards.