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LimePath Geo SuDS UV


  • Suitable for commercial and domestic pathways, nature walks and general pedestrian areas.
  • Designed for foot traffic and occasional vehicle access traffic such as light infrequent maintenance vehicles or pedestrian two wheel transportation.


An ultraviolet (UV) stable resin bound surfacing system which is installed at 30/ 40 mm depth onto a 4 mm high performance triple layer system of geotextiles and a stabilisation geonet. This system reduces the need for a binder courses such as concrete and asphalt concrete (macadam) whilst still providing high permeability and strength.

The structure allows rainwater to pass through being sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) compliant. With permeability rates of up to 850 L/m²/m, the product has a triple lock stabilization layer which is thermally bonded on both sides to provide excellent drainage and filtration whilst helping to stabilize the decorative UV resin-bound surface layer and sub-base.

Mix design and pack sizes:

  • LimeBound resin bound surfacing resin 7.5 kg;
  • LimeBound resin bound surfacing aggregate 100 kg (four 25 kg bags);
  • LimeBound fine aggregate 6.25 kg;
  • GeoNet 2 m x 50 x 4 mm rolls (100 m²).

Features and benefits:

  • UV stable will not discolour or degrade.
  • Tested to slip resistant BS 8204-6.
  • Natural and recycled aggregate available.
  • 30/ 40 mm depth installs directly onto type 1 or 3.
  • Triple lock GeoNet to help base stabilization and water drainage.
  • All aggregates selected to reduce the chances of rust appearing.
  • Foot traffic after 14-15 hours at 20°C.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Manufactured UKAS ISO 9001 in line with the guidance notes published by the Resin Bound Technical Committee as part of FeRFA: the Resin Flooring Association.

General information


Various. Refer to manufacturer mix bend sheets.


Resin and aggregate


Ss_30_14_02_71 Resin-bound aggregate light-duty paving systemsPrimary


Q23/225 Proprietary resin bound chippings

Specification data - Resin-bound aggregate light-duty paving systems Enhanced data

Geotextile below granular sub-base


Not required.

Granular sub-base

100 mm minimum well compacted Type 3 granular sub base or similar approved.

Surface course

LimePath GeoSuDS UV surfacing, 10 mm aggregate minimum install depth: 30 mm. 4 mm triple layer thermal bonded GeoNet.

Edge restraints


Product Reference

LimePath Geo SuDS UV

Impermeable membrane

Not required.



30 mm.

40 mm.


Dior 10 mm.

Espresso 10 mm.

Honey gold 10 mm.

Honey pebble 10 mm.

Marscape 10 mm.

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Environmental information

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Third party certifications

  • FeRFA: UKAS ISO9001

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