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Licata Basement Waterproof System


For basements.


Basement waterproof system, consisting of the following components:

Epoxy Cem TX A+B+C:

A thixotropic-free, three-component epoxy-cement system, capable of reticulating on damp surfaces. After only 48 hours (in ideal conditions of +20 °C and 60% R.H.), provides a compact waterproof yet permeable water vapor layer, suitable to receive the laying of parquet, PVC, linoleum, ceramics, epoxy coatings, polyurethane and cement-based leveling compounds.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to apply, solvent-free.
  • Versatile.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Superior mechanical performance levels, also in extreme weather.

Hydro Monoelasto 100:

Single-component, elastic cement sheath that is specifically designed for waterproofing and protecting concrete.

Features and benefits:

  • Resistant to UV rays.
  • Certified in accordance with UNI EN 1504-2 and UNI EN 14891.
  • Easy workability.
  • Can be walked over.
  • High adhesion strength.

Finish Pro 280:

A polymer-modified smoothing mortar, with a fine civil texture, based on hydraulic binders, selected pure aggregates and specific additives. Formulated in the Licata S.p.A. research and development laboratories, it is characterised by easy workability, thixotropy and wetting power. The presence of re-dispersible resins gives the product an increase in the power of adhesion and resistance to aggressive agents present in the atmosphere.

Features and benefits:

  • Certified according to UNI EN 1504-2.
  • Easy workability.
  • Excellent thixotropy.
  • Fibre-reinforced.
  • High adhesion power.
  • Controlled hygrometric withdrawal.

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Epoxy Cem TX A+B+C.


Hydro Monoelasto 100.


Finish Pro 280.

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