Liberator Powered Smoke Extract Ventilator

Liberator is a powered ventilator designed for the extraction of smoke and hot gases in the event of a fire. It is suited to most industrial and commercial buildings and can provide both day to day and smoke ventilation.

Liberator produces airflows of between 3.6 m³/s (12,900 m³/h) and 8.9 m³/s (32,050 m³/h). Its noise output ranges from 58 to 87 dB(A) at 3m (sound pressure level). It is available either as single or two speed.

The ventilator can be orientated at any angle from the horizontal to the vertical. Its wide range of base types and the fact that it is lightweight means that it can be installed into nearly any type of roof or wall structure.

General information


630 mm

800 mm


Uniclass 2015

Pr_75_50_18_80 Smoke and heat exhaust control panelsPrimary
Specification data - Smoke and heat exhaust control panels

Product Reference

Liberator Powered Smoke Extract Ventilator


T-Liberator: Roof mounted with four spring loaded shutters and an aerodynamic cowl

WL/FLAP Wall mounted, single insulated flap ventilator

WL/FCO Wall mounted, louvred ventilator


630 mm

800 mm


All steel components are polyester powder coated to RAL 7032.

Temperature and time classification to BS EN 12101-3

F200 (200°C for 120 minutes)

F300 (300°C for 60 minutes)

F400 (400°C for 120 minutes)

Standard product features


Dual purpose, for day to day ventilation and smoke extract.

Frame material:

Corrosion resistant aluminium alloy.

Product Options


  • TL Roof mounted, with vertical discharge. This has four non-return shutters and an aerodynamic cowl.
  • WL Wall mounted, with horizontal discharge. Roof mounted with vertical discharges is also possible. The shutter arrangement is either a single insulated flap (for roof and wall) or a louvred ventilator.


  • The shutter version with a flap as termination (WL/ FLAP) is opened by a gas spring and closes with a cable that is operated by a rotary electric motor. In the event of fire, this flap is locked in the open position.
  • The shutter version with a louvred ventilator as termination (WL/FCO) is opened by a spring mechanism and closed by a rotary electric motor.
  • Both shutter versions have fusible links to open the shutter at a pre-defined temperature.

Fan sizes:

630 mm and 800 mm nominal fan sizes.

Third party certifications
  • MPA Braunschweig: 0761 - CPR - 0369 refers - Certificate of conformity BS EN 12101-3. : All versions of Liberator meet the following time/ temperature classifications of EN 12101-3: F200 (200°C for 120 minutes), F300 (300°C for 60 minutes) and F400 (400°C for 120 minutes)
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