KTC2 High Capacity Revolving Door


For entrance areas.


The KTC-2 two-wing revolving door offers plenty of scope for architectural creativity while also raising accessibility and convenience to a new level. Thanks to the variability of its design and a broad selection of surface finishes, it will enhance the entrance of any building.

During everyday business, the KTC 2 optimizes user traffic and at the same time reliably protects from external influences. Special brush seals help to create a sensible climate barrier between the interior and the exterior of the building. This feature helps to reduce heating or air conditioning costs, while the low energy consumption of the drive motor is a further benefit that should not be forgotten.

Whenever a large number of guests use the door or bulky items have to be carried through the door system, the automatic sliding door, which is integrated in the system’s turnstile, provides maximum convenience. Using the well-established dormakaba ES 200 sliding door technology ensures reliable operation and high user comfort.

Features and benefits:

  • Spacious entrance.
  • Suitable for the needs of the disabled.
  • Integrated automatic ST FLEX sliding door.
  • Integrated night shield.
  • Optional showcases provide advertising space.
  • Suitable for application as escape route door.
  • EN 16005 safety standard.


For entrance areas.

General information


Insert requirement, contact manufacturer for information.

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_24_04 Automatic revolving doorsetsPrimary


L20/495 Automatic revolving doors

Product range

Automatics / Revolving Doors

Specification data - Automatic revolving doorsets

Product Reference

KTC2/0 High Capacity Revolving Door

Without showcases.

KTC2/2 High Capacity Revolving Door

With two triangular showcases on the outside.

Internal diameter

3600 mm

1400 users/hour, sliding door width: 1618 mm.

4200 mm

2000 users/hour, passage width: 1946 mm, sliding door width: 1918 mm.

4800 mm

For KTC2/2 only, 2500 users/hour, passage width: 2246 mm, sliding door width: 2218 mm.

5400 mm

For KTC2/2 only, 2900 users/hour, passage width: 2546 mm, sliding door width: 2518 mm.



Clear passage

Insert requirement, available 2100–3000 mm dependent on diameter.


Insert requirement, available 300–700 mm.

Drum wallsl



Metal panelling


Insert requirement, contact manufacturer for information.


Insert requirements, contact manufacturer for information.

Standard product features

Integrated night shield:

As soon as the respective function is activated via the program switch, the turnstile moves in order to create the night shield. The integrated night shield is designed to close both entrances of the revolving door.

Smoke extraction function:

Whenever an emergency signal is triggered, the turnstile will travel to the starting position (parallel to the facade axle). As soon as the turnstile has reached this position, the centre of the door opens automatically in order to create a ventilation opening for the smoke extraction of the building.

Safety equipment:

KTC 2 revolving doors offer a comprehensive range of safety equipment to ensure optimum protection of people and objects. The main closing edges are each equipped with infrared presence sensors and safety contact strips.

Third party certifications

  • TUV Nord: Approved

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